Corona Cay 2.0

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I’d be blogging a lot more consistently. I just got busy this past week and really wanted to write up a good blog post with pictures about the revision of Corona Cay, and the best time for me to do that is on the weekend. Plus, I wanted to make sure Itazura was completely done terraforming before I started taking pictures.

As I mentioned in my last post, we had a meeting and discussed the coming changes to Corona Cay. Itazura had suggested that he’d re-terraform the whole island and completely change the layout. So we all cleared our houses to make way for the transformation. Here is the before picture:


I had to go to work the day that Itazura started the terraforming. I really wanted to watch, and I couldn’t wait to get home that night to see what had changed. I was so excited when I saw what he had done with the island! You can’t even tell it’s the same sim. And he finished in only a couple of days.

Mountain Peaks

Now Corona Cay has rocky mountain areas that give a beautiful view of the entire sim, with a curving road that cuts between the mountain passes.

Highland Areas

If you are like me and you prefer flat, grassy areas.. (Grass! Finally! I have been wanting green grass on Corona Cay for ages!) You’ll find that as well. I already snagged a double parcel to put my gallery on, and Keeme snatched up another one next to me. But there are still some spots open, that also have a terrific view of the sim.

Lowland Areas

We have a central gathering point, also. Itazura put together this fantastic clubhouse. It reminds me a lot of the clubhouse areas that you find in apartment and condo communities in RL- a place for residents to hang out and chat.

Clubhouse Interior

This will be great in the summertime, for pool parties.

Clubhouse Pool

The most amazing part is how many prims we get now! Before the changeover, each parcel was 351 prims.. now the prim count has almost doubled. For only $3499L per month, you get 650 prims for a 1536 parcel. That gives me SO much more room for my gallery.. since I am renting a double, my prim count went from 703 prims to 1300.. love it!

If anyone is interested, the leasing office is in the clubhouse. Find a parcel you like and pay the land $1L to buy it. Then go to the leasing office and pay the green rental ball $3499L to claim your land. All the green balls are available for rent.. at the time of this post, we have 6 spots 4 spots remaining. So if you are interested, you better hurry fast! I have not seen this many prims for that price anywhere else, yet.

Leasing Office



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