FINALLY! Wish Lists on XStreetSL!

I was just browsing xstreet and noticed some blog posts at the bottom of the page. I never look at the LL blogs, so its a minor miracle I even noticed the posting. But I just found out something that has me so happy and excited, I had to do this blog post:

Wishlists have arrived on Xstreet!

Several months ago, it occured to me that a Wish List feature on Xstreet would be absolutely wonderful. They have a similar feature on sites like add certain items to your wish list and your friends and family can search your name and view your wishlist- which makes things wonderfully easy when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, or just when you are feeling generous and would like to do something nice for a friend. I remember sending an email to someone on the xstreet team about this months ago, and later found out that there was already a thread for it on the xstreet forums. Seems I wasn’t the only one who wanted this feature.

When you log into Xstreet, look to the top righthand side of the screen and you will see the Wish Lists option, right above search. From there, you can set up your own wish list- or search for your friends lists by entering their avatar name. I haven’t gotten to explore this futher, just yet. It seems like this just appeared on Xstreet and its still in beta. But I think this is huge news, and will making shopping and browsing xstreet a lot more fun. 🙂

Yes, I am still miffed at Linden Lab for their upcoming changes to Xstreet regarding freebies and paid listings. But it is what it is- and in the long run, I think it worked out for the best. Now we have several other shopping sites that we can list on for free (,, metaverseexchange,, etc). This gives us a lot more options, and a lot more freedom. As for Xstreet- I will continue to use it, but I’ll change the WAY I use it. The wishlist feature is a huge bonus, and its something I’m very excited about. I don’t know if the other shopping sites have a wish list feature yet, but if they don’t- I hope they will soon follow in the footsteps of Linden Lab and add this wonderful option.

Now, I’ve got some browsing to do. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 13, 2010.

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