Paradise Pets

So, by now you’ve gotten your first home, paid off your tier.. and if you are anything like me, spent the past several days (or weeks!) getting it all furnished and decorated just so. But there’s still something missing.

If you are any sort of animal lover, then you’ll know that no home is truely a home without a least one pet. Luckily in Second Life, having pets is another possibility. There are quite a few places to shop for your own pet in SL, be it a puppy, kitten, parrot- or just about any other type of pet you could imagine. One place you should make a point of visiting, is Paradise Pets. In fact, this is where I got my own cat, Fricken.

Fricken is one of the “Unleased” cats, which means that they can be set to roam your land, will follow you or  your friends, or they are ‘wearable’. When you wear one of the unleased pets, it gives your avatar a series of pose options to pet, cuddle or kiss your pet. They purr and meow, and come with a notecard packed full of commands that you can use to interact with them. I think they’re adorable! There are several different breeds to choose from. Don Bricklin and Deborah DeFarge run Paradise Pets, and they did an extremely good job on making them look, sound and move as realistically as possible.

If you are more a dog lover, there are also several different types of dogs that range in size from a large labrador, to a tiny Westie puppy. Some of the dogs are wearable only, but they do have some that will follow you. There is an “Unleased” pug that is too cute!

There are all sorts of indoor and outdoor pets, to suit whatever needs you might have. Besides cats and dogs, you will also find:

Small domestic- Bunnies, hamsters, fish, birds, mice.

Wild or  exotic- Capuchin monkey, meerkat, penguin, dolphins, bears, panthers and leopards.

Outdoor: Deer, alligators, pelicans, turtles.. even a donkey you can ride.

The sea turtles are really cool- they come in an egg, and you get to watch them hatch and grow. How neat is that! I really love this place, and everytime I come here I spend the better part of an hour just looking around at all the neat pets.

There are also some small freebies involved. When you arrive at the landing point, you will automatically receive a butterfly that you can wear, rez onto a surface (like a plant), or give away as a gift. And there is also a section of pet accessories like a doghouse, cat beds, scratching posts, and food dishes- all completely free!

There is a group available, called We Love Pets. I highly recommend you join this group, because there are sometimes updates or upgrades to the pets, and you will need to be a member of the group to be informed. For instance, my Unleased Kitty was recently updated to become copy, so there is less chance of losing them. You will find that sort of information in the group notices, as they happen. So make sure you join, its worth a group slot.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 11, 2008.

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