Moving Day.. Again!

For one reason or another, I have once again been relocated to a new house. And once again, I feel like I got a pretty nice upgrade. Remember, I had started out when I saw the notice at W&M Designs that Wal Krugman was offering rent free housing on his land. My first starter home was the dark blue brickwork home with the floor to ceiling cutout windows. From there, we were moved up into a sky village that offered more privacy. I had a huge, circular treehouse style home. It had two floors and lots of room.. but I never did put any furniture inside. I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to decorate it. So for the few weeks that I was there, I used it as a glorified dressing room and art studio.

A few nights ago, I got another IM from WaL asking if I had a few minutes. I met with him and Mortisha, and they told me that they were moving a few of us to a new location. Something to do with land ownership.. Regardless, I once more have a new house. And I love this one! Its much smaller, but I like the design of it. Its much easier to place my art and furniture, so I already put a few things inside. I love the hanging ivy over the windows, and I have a nice ‘ backyard’ area where I can put down some flowers and patio furniture.

Thank you, WaL and Mortisha!

Today was also a productive day for me.. I finished another art piece that I took from some photography I did the other night. This was taken at Midnight City, using Windlight. I really like how it came out. My shop is getting pretty full.. I think I’m up to around 14 prims out of 20 available. I’m beginning to give some serious thought to moving to another location.. I’ve been scouting rent space when I’m out and about shopping and exploring. I’ve also joined two new groups. SL Artists and SL- Photographer group. I’ve been talking to a few gallery owners off and on.. I’d really love to move into a gallery shared by a variety of artists. Thats something I’m looking into, bit by bit..


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 9, 2008.

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