SL7B – Sideways

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The Sound Is Growing

Hobo Holidays

Japanese Tradition

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SL7B- Unique

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People, The Heart Of Zeus

Yokohama Marching Band


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SL7B- Phenomenal

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Tiatopia Island

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SL7B- Visionary

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Heath Installation

Aero Pines Park

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SL7B- Contrary

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Club Visiwa Estate

Club Visiwa Estate

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SL7B- Marvelous

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Exquisite Corpse Tower

Fashion Bloggers


Carnation, Lily, Rose

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SL7B- Enigma

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Seasons Alter

Japan Network

A Touch Of Ireland

The Second Life Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Hip Hop Vamps

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MetaNews Panel: Phil Linden/M Linden, Future Of SL

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Huge news in SL yet again today. Stuart Warf threw together an impromptu discussion panel at island, apparently with tremendous success. There were 65 people on the sim at last count. Audio for the recording is already up, click here to listen.


  • Chantal Harvey
  • Phaylen Fairchild
  • Saffia Widdershins
  • Gianna Borgnine
  • SecondLie Scribe


  • Philip Linden returns to the Lab as interim CEO
  • M Linden steps down as CEO of Linden Lab
  • What does this mean for the future of Second Life?
  • Who’s Decision was it for M to step down?

Photo by Gwenette Writer

Photo by Gwenette Writer

Photo by Gwenette Writer

SL7B- Contradiction

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Bridge To Newark Is Watching

The Flowering Of Life

Pol Jarvinen

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SL7B- Absurdity

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Kerupa Flow

Alazarin Mondrian

Bodied Worlds

Campfire Kernow

Typote Beck/Studio Egg

LEA Endowment For The Arts

Colors From The Void

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