The Talk Show

A few weeks ago, Stuart sent me a TP over to the XWA Arena where we all tend to hang out, every evening. He told me that Seth Cameron had something he wanted to talk to me about. When I got there, Seth told me that I should do a talk show. It totally came out of left field, and I was sort of taken aback by the idea. And quite frankly, my initial response was ‘hell no!”. Yes, I’m a podcaster- but that’s something I do with my friends. In a small group, hanging out and chatting on voice like we always do. The only difference is that we actually try to cover specific topics, and someone records the conversation. Those podcasts are easy for me to do, because they aren’t in front of a live audience, and it’s with a small group of close friends.

So when this idea of a talk show was first brought up to me, my gut reaction was to dig in my heels and say absolutely not. What has really surprised me though, is how adamant most of my friends are being about me doing this. It wasn’t just coming from Seth and Stuart that night, either. Loody showed up a few minutes later and brought it up. And pretty much every day since that night, I’m hearing it from multiple people, to the point where I suspected Stuart had somehow put them up to this, or that I was on the receiving end of an elaborate prank. Only, the joke probably would have fizzled after a couple of days. Instead, everyone at the arena (and even Radar IM’d me about it one night) continue to bring it up on a daily basis.

After a few days, I went from reacting with a flat out no, to trying to allow myself to at least consider it. I really like the XWA community, and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for what they do. And I really value the opinions of my friends. So the fact that so many people are pushing for me to do this is very flattering.

The part that really blows me away though, is the studio that’s being built. Seth Cameron is a really talented builder- both with interesting architecture and with custom textures. He built the XWA arena from scratch, including almost all of the textures. And I’ve seen some other work he’s done, and have been really impressed with it. I was trying to talk him into opening a prefab store recently, but he just doesn’t have time for it. Anyway.. I think it was part of the attempt to coax me into agreeing to do the talk show, but Stuart worked it out with Seth to  build the set and studio for me. They had been talking about it for awhile, but one night Seth was cajoling me into giving them a solid yes on the show. I finally did, and by the next morning, Stuart had already sectioned off a parcel area for Seth to begin work on the studio. Yesterday, I noticed he had started to work on the building. When he came online later in the evening, he brought Stuart and I over to look at the progress, and I guess to get some feedback from me about what I wanted. It was difficult for me to make any suggestions at first, because I’m just so flattered and humbled that anyone would build something like that for me, or that people care that much about me doing a show, I felt kind of like, who am I to say what I want? Eventually though, I managed to give him some ideas of what my likes and dislikes were, and things started to come together quickly after that. It was really hard for me to even make a minor request like changing the color of the carpet from red to blue, but Seth seemed completely fine with adjusting things to how I wanted them. My favorite part is the curved glass window with a cityscape scene- New York City, my favorite. He even found a photo at night with the color of the sky exactly as I described wanting. Behind that wall is a cool looking backstage area that is actually very roomy. When he first described having the backstage and stage set all in the same area, I had trouble imagining how it would all fit. But somehow, he made it happen.

I love watching people build, and a few of us hung out for a couple of hours last night as he worked on it. It still isn’t done- there are a lot of things he’s going to do with it, and some parts of it are still in the concept stage. But I took some pictures, because I love seeing how things like this evolve.

So yeah.. I guess I’m doing a talk show. I don’t know many of the details yet, but I’ve been talking with them about it, working out ideas, taking notes.. and watching how it all progresses. Time will tell.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 6, 2010.

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  1. Yayyy!I’m happy your doing this! ^_^ I totally want backstage passes! =O Hahah!

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