Easter SLeggs!

Easter is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year. (The first being Halloween.) Every since I was too old to believe in Santa Claus and Christmas lost its magic, Easter has always been that replacement. I’m not a religious person, but I love Easter for the colors and brightness, and as a signal to the beginning of spring. My whole life growing up, no matter if I was 5 years old or 17- I would get up Easter morning to a huge Easter basket waiting for me. I loved everything about it- the plastic green and pink Easter grass, pastel speckled malt eggs, rainbows of jelly beans, shiny foil wrapped bunnies. I even loved the sharp vinegar smell of dying Easter eggs. (To this day, the smell of vinegar immediately makes me think of Easter eggs.) Even at my age, my Mom STILL sends me an Easter basket in the mail every year.

About a month ago, I heard about yet another grid wide hunt coming up, called the Great Slegg Hunt. This one is quite different than most, however. The concept is NOT to hunt for gifts or freebies. The point is simply to hunt and find the eggs, and explore some neat sims in the process. There is an option for a sim owner to put a gift in the egg, but it is not required.. and in fact, most eggs have no prizes inside at all. I love that, since I really don’t tend to collect freebies, unless its home or building related. There are benefits to hunting these eggs besides just the fun of exploring, though. For every egg you find, you get $1L. Your finds get logged on the official website, http://slegghunt.com/.. and every day there is a random jackpot drawing for a huge cash prize. Basically, the more eggs in the hunt, the bigger the prize.. and the more eggs you find, the better chance you have at winning. The website allows you to enter your SL name and see a list of eggs you already found, and eggs still to find. This just started this morning, and the stats on the page already are climbing fast:

finds logged!

Today’s Jackpot

When I first logged on about 3 hours ago, there were only about 3000 finds logged and the jackpot was somewhere around $2300L. I’ve been taking my time, searching for eggs in between working on some other things – mainly my build for the Home Expo coming up next Saturday.

And hunting for eggs is simply fun. I really enjoy moving my camera around, peeking behind doors and under furniture. Not all of the eggs are hidden in stores, either. Since the point is about promoting your sim, I have already found a couple of really beautiful, scenic areas.

When I saw how big of an event this was and how quickly the stats on the website are rising already, I decided to go ahead and buy an egg for myself to put in my art gallery. You can buy the eggs to put on your sim at the Slegghunt HQ, just search Slegghunt in SL search and you’ll find the landmark. Each egg lasts exactly 7 days before it disappears. One egg cost me $300L, which isn’t bad. That money goes towards the daily jackpot, as well as the $1L prize for every egg found. If you want to hide more eggs, you could get 3 for $600L. I think there was another package deal for even more eggs, but I don’t remember what it was.

This seems to be quite a big event- I think its even being promoted by Linden Lab on the Destination Guide, and via email blasts. I got an email from Second Life yesterday talking about it. Later on, I think I’ll talk to Stuart, Seth and Loody about putting an egg over at the XWA Arena– that seems like exactly the type of place that would benefit from a hunt like this. Besides, the egg hunters would be well entertained as they searched around for any hidden Easter eggs in the arena. There are ALWAYS several people hanging out, practicing in the ring, and chatting on voice- even when there isn’t an event going on.

Visit http://slegghunt.com/ for more information about the Great SLegg Hunt.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 4, 2010.

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