Blogger Party At Rezzed.TV Island

Yesterday was the monthly blogger party, and which Stuart and I hosted on  Island. We had a great turnout- lots of people showed up. GoSpeed Racer was our DJ, we had a bunny/turtle market and a fishing tournament. 5 people split the tournament prize and won $1,000L each! And as an extra surprise, Seth Cameron of XWA arranged for an impromptu house show during the party. 🙂 He even brought the ring and wrestlers to us- setting up at the Destination Station so they could do some matches during the party.

Of course, they had to warm up a bit before the party. Stuart got to play the victim. 😀 Nick125 Firecaster even took some video footage of the carnage warmup.

And speaking of video- Stuart recorded some of the party, as well!

It was a fantastic time, and lots of fun seeing everyone! Here are a handful of pictures I took during the party. Again, thank you everyone who was able to make it! 🙂

Keeme Brown dances for Curt Bombastic

GoSpeed Racer spins some tunes

Nika Dreamscape And Moan Magic

Loody Graves Vs. Brakman Wilder - Stuart Warf as Ref

Seth "The Eliminator" Cameron smacks down Stuart Warf

Special thanks to Tymmerie Thorne for organizing these blogger parties for us. You rock! ❤


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Blogger Party At Rezzed.TV Island”

  1. Thank you and Stuart for hosting! You did such a great job and I think everyone had a blast!

  2. Hahah! ya! it was awesome! and those are some awesome pictures too! xD Very nice job lovies!

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