Blogger/Plurk Party 3/27!

Just a few more days until the blogger party! Stuart and I have been working out the details for all of the activities, and this is what we have planned:

Dancing/Music Of course. Our DJ for the event will be GoSpeed Racer so special thanks to her. She’ll be doing her set from 3-5 PM.

Pool Itazura bought this extremely cool pool table for our clubhouse over on Corona Cay, and we’re going to borrow it for the party. It has a 2 player mode, and uses a HUD system to aim and shoot the ball. Pretty cool, and a lot of fun!

7Seas Fishing Tournament We’ll have a fishing area set up near the dance floor, so people can dance while they fish, if they want. You might win some cash, too! We’ll have the pot starting at $2,000L, but it’ll be open for donations, so if others want to contribute to the pot to make the prize larger, they can. The prize will be split between the top 5 people on the board, so more than one person has a chance to win!

Bunny/Turtle Market I know a LOT of you are into collecting and breeding those Ozimals and Petables. Well, bring your nests and eggs, because we’ll have an area set up where you can buy, sell or trade your bunnies and turtles. To keep things from getting too laggy on the sim, or from us going over any prim limits, I’m going to put a couple of minor restrictions in place. One- nests or eggs only, please. If you want to sell live bunnies, just box them up in a prim and you can sell them that way.  Two- Lets try to keep it under 10 prims per person at a time, but you can still rez more as you sell the ones you have out. If you haven’t tried an Ozimals bunny or Petable turtle and have been thinking about it, now may be a good time to pick one up. 🙂

The party starts at 2pm SLT on Saturday, March 27th. You’ll be able to set out your nests, play pool, fish, just hang out, etc. GoSpeed will start the music at 3pm, and we’ll go for as long as we want. Hope to see you there!

Slurl to Party Location:


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 25, 2010.

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