Fair and Expo!

It’s been a few days since I did a blog post, mainly because I’ve been so busy! There’s a lot of stuff coming up in the near future. Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been working on:

Albero Primavera @ Art Fair 3/20 – 6/1

OMGWTF Barbecue was kind enough to include me in the upcoming art fair that is being put together. I spent the last couple of days getting my art pieces set up for the exhibition.

Please come by and visit us our bustling event park as we kick off the ALBERO Primavera & Art Fair.  Dozens of vendors have created beautiful spaces full of artisticly crafted items and all things SPRING!   Many exclusive, unique items!  We also have a very talented group of artists who are displaying and/or selling their art all around the event park and ALBERO sim, so please spend some time with us enjoying their work and the new growth of Primavera!

Miaa Rebane  /  Sevenstar Amat  /  Emleigh Westland  / James Schwarz  /  Radio Signals  /  Nara Tairov  / Janice Jupiter  /  OMGWTF Barbecue  /  Destry Alecto  /  Nika Dreamscape  /  Victoria Sabra  /  Irie Campese  /  Sarahthered Aurbierre  /  Grendel Boucher
+ more!

Event Park Landing Point

Main Albero Landing Point (My work is up here.)

Blogger Party – March 27th

Rezzed.tv is hosting this months Blogger Party at Rezzed.tv island, and we have a lot of FUN events lined up:

There will be music, dancing, pool tournaments, boxing, bubble car drag races, 7 Seas Fishing with $Linden prizes, a Bunny Market, sky combat with lasers and more!

Blogger Party Spot

And here’s the one I’m REALLY excited about-

3rd Annual Home, Garden and Patio Expo – April 10th – 17th

Last year, Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect let me have a little bit of space at the Prim Perfect build during the expo. This year, I’m going to have my own area! I am SO excited, and I’ve been working on designing my build and layout for the last week.  I still have plenty of time before the expo, but the exhibitors will only have 2 days to set up our areas before the event starts.. and that will be on a Thursday and Friday. Since those are work days for me, I’m only going to have a few hours in the evening to get everything done.. so basically, I’ll have maybe 5-6 hours to prepare, if I’m lucky!! Because of that, I rezzed a megaprim above my land thats roughly the same size as the parcel I’ll have.. and I’m trying to put together the entire build now, so it’ll be quick to reassemble come April 8th. I think it’ll work out just fine, that way. And I have a couple of weeks to tweak and revise what I want to do, at my own pace. But needless to say, I am so proud and excited that I’ll have my own spot this year. 🙂 Here is an article from last year, borrowed from the Prim Perfect blog.

Home and Garden Expo 2009

So thats what I’ve been up to.. busy stuff, but fun! 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 19, 2010.

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