Beautiful Stories, Beautiful People

Recently on plurk, someone mentioned that they were signing up to be a part of a blog project called Two Three Six Five. They said it was a collaborative effort- a blog that anyone could sign up to and write one post on a selected date. I wish I could remember who made that mention on plurk, but I can’t. It was one morning as I was getting ready for work in a rush, so I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention at the time. I thought it might be something interesting, so I followed the link to the page and saw where I could email the author and ask to be included. I hurriedly sent the email and then left for work.

Later that day, I saw I had an email from Trace Osterham, the owner of the blog, letting me know that I was set to make my post on my selected date. (April 10th.) I still had not actually read any of the blog posts, although I did subscribe on my google reader with a mental note to check it out over the weekend.

But for some reason, the blog posts have been making their way to my email. I’m not sure why this is- I suppose it must be some setting in wordpress. But I am grateful that it worked out this way- with the hundreds of blogs I subscribe to, this is one that would probably just have gotten lost in the shuffle.

But it didn’t. Every evening, as I’m winding down for the night and getting ready to go to bed, an email appears in my inbox. Each one of these blog posts are so powerful, compelling, touching. Some of them are happy, some are heart wrenching. But everyone of them them has been has been a deep glimpse into the fabric of the people who write them. Many of them have moved me to tears, they are so powerful.

This is not the usual syndicated blog. These are not fashion posts. No one seems to be promoting anything, or pushing any agenda. Each night, someone steps up, opens up their heart a little bit, and shows us whats inside.

Some of these are people I never heard of, some are people I know in passing, be it from plurk or the blog community. Some of them are people I consider my friends. But each and every one of them has shared something about themselves that I didn’t know. And they always make me think, and reflect.

These are beautiful people, sharing beautiful stories. If there is only one blog out there you subscribe to, it should be this one. You will be richer by reading the words inside.

Two Three Six Five is a glimpse into the lives of 365 different Second Life residents around the world throughout the course of a year, and a literary model of the way their virtual and physical selves interact.

Inspired by the real-life project, the3six5.

To sign up for open dates, please email twothreesixfive[at] or send an IM to Trace Osterham with two desired potential dates, and we will try to fit you in accordingly. Please check the author schedule to see open dates. Please try to avoid your own birthday or rezday, to keep content varied.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 14, 2010.

One Response to “Beautiful Stories, Beautiful People”

  1. Thank you so much for a beautiful blog post! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the posts, I’m quite excited about the way the project is turning out.

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