Corona Cay.. SAVED!

This afternoon, most of the residents of Corona Cay met together for a discussion about the fate of the sim. And to be honest- I had long since resigned myself to the fact that Itazura would be selling it. I had already decided to give up my land, and over the weekend I had already been starting to take down parts of my skybox, with the intention of moving out by the time my rent expired.

A couple residents- mainly Arri Gaffer and Danny Dwyer- were still holding out hope. Arri suggested a meeting so we could talk about possible options. I went along for the meeting, even though I had already made up my mind that nothing could be done to save the sim, and that I’d be one of the ones moving out, shortly.

We had a long meeting and did a lot of brainstorming- and this is what is happening:

Tonight- everyone that was at the meeting (everyone but Jesta and Anima, and Airsafety if he still has land) is completely clearing out their parcels down to 0 prims.

Destination Station and the Corona Cay Speedway are being ripped out.

Itazura is going to re-terraform the sim to have cliffs, high mountain areas and low beach areas, and some levels in between. The road is going to be more hilly, with curves going up and down.

The center of the island will become a grassy park area.

The common areas are being eliminated, or reduced down to that central park area..

Here is the big news:

The parcel prim counts will increase from 351 prims to 600 prims! (So my double parcel will now be like 1200 prims instead of 703).

Destination Station is moving next door to Rezzed TV Island.

With the prim count basically doubled, we all think that the parcels will fill up fast- the only reason people have been shying away from moving in at this point is because of the cost and low prim count. That was  mostly because of the common areas, but we are getting rid of those now and making Corona Cay more like a quiet residential sim – with the focus on foot traffic moving over to Rezzed TV Island.

We all strongly feel that with the prim count leaping up to 600 prims for 3000L a month, we’re going to be able to fill the parcels. 🙂

Everyone is happy and excited, and the renovating of Corona Cay begins tomorrow.


Ready For Phase Two


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 22, 2010.

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