XWA: Xtreme Wrestling Action

Stuart Warf has been really busy for the past few months with getting some new shows recruited for Rezzed.tv. I know he recently brought Music Academy OnLive to the network, as well as RAGE Championship fighting. A handful of weeks ago, he told me that he was approached by someone from an SL wrestling organization called XWA, and they were wanting to join the network. Several times over the next couple of weeks, he mentioned that he was visiting their arena and watching some of their wrestling matches and he seemed to be really impressed with that. Since I’m not all that interested in SL sports, I never really thought much about it. Until one evening a week or so ago.. Stuart and I were chatting on IM and he sent me a youtube link from one of the wrestling events he had recorded. Truth be told, I wasn’t that interested at the time. I pictured Second Life wrestling as a bunch of avatars bashing around inside a ring, and not much else. But when I clicked the link that night, I was vastly surprised. Turns out, a lot of the events put on by the XWA are done in voice.. they have commentators like real life wrestling federations, which adds a whole new aspect to the sport.

Those first couple of videos that Stuart showed me instantly had me hooked. See, I used to be a huge wrestling fan when I was a kid- back in the mid to late 80’s. I remember the days of Greg The Hammer Valentine, George The Animal Steel.. Shawn Michael back when he and Marty Jannetty were tag team partners in The Rockers. I remember watching Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Henan  do commentary every week for WWF. I can recall staying up late to watch WWF on Sunday nights, then switching over to NWA when it was over. I went to wrestling events when they came to town, cheered on my favorites and boo’d the ‘bad guys’. I was only in middle school at the time, but those years were a big part of my life.

XWA Ring Entrance

The thing that made wrestling so much fun was the production involved. XWA reflects that same flavor of entertainment in Second Life.The men and women of XWA are not just wrestlers. They are performers; actors in a series of storylines that is constantly evolving with every scheduled event. Some of the people behind their avatars are wrestling fans, in real life. And some are , or were, directly involved in the profession.. be it as a referee, or even a former retired wrestler.

Curt Bombastic

But I think one thing that really impresses me the most about the XWA group is how tight of a community they are. I have spent the past few weeks attending many of their events, listening to their group banter, watching them train and rehearse upcoming fights.. and just getting to know many of them, in general. And I have to say, they are a LOT of fun. There are some deeply cool people involved, and I really admire the huge amount of time and dedication they put into what they do. Recently I was at an event that happened to fall on the day of Seth Cameron’s real life birthday. In between matches, Seth was called out to the ring and was presented with a surprise video that the XWA group had put together for him..

Their community is also extremely active- I have never once seen that arena empty. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is- there are always at least a few people hanging around the arena either chatting, practicing their moves or just being goofy in general. But most of their time spent seems to be geared towards developing interesting promos and ongoing ‘storylines’. There is a lot of character building and development happening within the group, which makes each event exciting for both the fans and the wrestlers alike.

Derrick Cult Trains Michael3 Kristan

The amount of production put into each event is remarkable. Each character has their own entrance customized to include videos, pyrotechnics, and lighting effects.

Since I discovered the group, the most prominent ongoing storyline has been the feud between Loody Graves and Seth Cameron. I got my first taste of it when I watched the videos posted at the beginning of this article. According to the backstory I’ve heard from a few people, Loody used to belong to another promotion called HKWF, which was owned by Louve McMahon. He was wrestling under both promotions, but ended up being fired from XWA by Seth Cameron, the owner of XWA.. there were many reasons for his firing, but the short version is simply that Seth was not happy with Loody’s performance, or attitude. Loody turned his attention to the HKWF and ended up winning the World Championship belt.. but shortly after, Seth made an unexpected appearance at the HKWF arena to make his shocking announcement- he had bought out the promotion, making him the new owner.

Seth And Loody Face Off

Seth went on to merge the two promotions into one, and allowed Loody to continue wrestling.. for the time being. The stipulation being that Loody had to retain his championship title- or be fired once again. Meanwhile, Seth vowed to make Loody’s life a living hell- and he lived up to that promise. Every time Loody had a match, Seth would inevitably make an appearance and remind Loody that his time was limited.

Conflict continued to brew between Loody and Seth over the next couple of weeks, and finally came to a head one evening when Seth made a public challenge to Loody- a match between the two of them- and if Seth won, he would strip Loody of his belt and become the new HKWF champion. Loody accepted the challenge.. under the condition that if Loody won that fight, Seth would be banished from the XWA arena forever. Seth accepted the terms, and the deal was set. The match would happen the following weekend.

The match between Seth and Loody drew a huge crowd, and the audience was eager to see Loody’s downfall. The two men squared off amidst cheers from the audience, most of them rooting for Seth Cameron’s victory. The fight raged on for some time.. but ended to the dismay and outrage of many fans when Loody won the match. As was agreed upon between the two, Seth departed from the arena, for good.

Loody spent the next week or so gloating, and feeding his own ego over the victory. Every chance he got, he would boast about how he rid himself of the thorn in his side- Seth Cameron. He even went so far as to vandalize Seth’s bike by setting it on fire after winning his match- an attempt to add insult to injury. But that all came to a screeching halt on the evening of January 15th. After losing a match between himself and Sidney Washborne, Loody was once again in the ring running his mouth about how he was going to ‘shake up’ the XWA. The commentators for the night, Curt Bombastic and Benbe Kirax, listened in disgust and the audience made their best effort to boo Loody out of the ring. Suddenly, Loody’s diatribe was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Hey, LOODY. I thought I’d say congratulations. Because, well, you got the job done Loody. You might not be able to hear me right now.. I’ve got this piece of machine thats running at the moment. You see, I thought to myself, ‘if you’re going to tell me that I can’t come back to THAT arena.. then I’m just gonna take the arena WITH me.’ This one’s for you, Loody!”

"This one's for you, Loody!"

With that, the sound of destruction filled the arena as Seth Cameron fired up a bulldozer, and began smashing down the walls. People fled the arena and Loody was left speechless in the ring as the entire building began to crumble around him. Seth could be heard laughing as he continued to bash his way through the toppled pillars and slabs of concrete. Curt and Benbe continued to shout into their mics, continuing their shocked commentary, unable to believe what was happening.

The End Of The Old Arena

By the time it was all over, everyone gathered outside and stared at the wreckage that used to be the XWA arena. It truly was an incredible ending to this chapter of events. But things are far from over for XWA. 2010 promises to bring many exciting new storylines, surprises and events.


There are a lot of plans for the future. A new arena is in the works.. bigger and better than the one before. Characters continue to develop, stories evolve.. and there is never a dull moment for this group.

Click here to watch the video of the XWA Arena destruction!

To be continued..


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 17, 2010.

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  1. I remember that Pick of Me … Yea, I look good with Gold!!! lol

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