The Day The Zombies Came

Now that we are in Halloween season, I have been very busy putting together a haunted house on my parcel. I wanted to make it interactive, and I remembered something I saw several months ago.

I had been out exploring, and was walking across some land when a circle of light lit up beneath my feet. Before I knew it, zombies were appearing all around me. I was surrounded! Arms outstretched and groaning, they shambled after me as I quickly backed away. I noticed each zombie had a health meter over their head, that showed 100%. Quickly finding a gun in my inventory, I started firing at them. Sure enough, after taking several gunshots, the zombie burst into pieces and was dead.

As I said, that was several months ago and I had no idea how to find those zombies now.. but I knew I wanted them! Thinking back, I recalled that I had taken a snapshot or two of them and sent them to flickr. Luckily, when you send a snapshot to flickr via SL Buzz, it captures the Slurl. After digging back through about 30 pages of my flickr album, I found the slurl. And to my amazement.. those zombies were still there, when I TP’d over!

The creator is Un4given Spoonhammer, and her shop is called Soup Kitchen. I took a visit to the shop earlier this afternoon- there are quite a large selection of ghoul and monster generators! After some thought, I ended up getting some traditional zombies. After all, who doesn’t love zombies at Halloween? Since they were copy, I placed several generators strategically around my haunted house and tested them out several times. I had a lot of fun running around with my 1928 Thompson- a rezday gift courtesy of Crap Mariner- and blew up some zombies. It even came with a score counter that I placed outside on the front porch.

Naturally.. the fun couldn’t stop there. I knew I had to share this wonderful find with my friends and neighbors. Within the hour, nearly everyone on Corona Cay had a zombie generator hidden in their homes.. they just don’t know it yet! Finally, I placed a generator in the entrance of Destination Station.. this will give newbies and visitors to the Station a little excitement as they browse the places to explore. Gun in hand, I positioned myself atop the tower in the center of Destination Station. From up here, I had the perfect vantage point. I can see the whole island.. and I am in a good position to pick off the zombies from above- sniper style- should any visitors need help. And should any of my neighbors log on.. well, I can clearly see their homes from up here, so I won’t miss the action of they trigger any of those zombies I left for them. Now all thats left to do is settle in, and wait for the fun to begin.

TP to Soup Kitchen


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Day The Zombies Came”

  1. Too much fun. I was high score until Kirsti went all OCD with her twin Uzis, lol. Brilliant, Nika. 🙂

  2. LOL! That is awesome! I’ve been toying with the idea of a haunted house on my land too, Nika … I’m totally stealing your idea. =D Great post!

  3. Thanks for buying my zombies.. I love your blog!

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