Fair Is Fair

This morning, I noticed a really great (and funny!) post by Phaylen Fairchild about her take on the Sion Chickens. It’s a great read, I recommend going to take a look. Sion Zaius Is Laughing At You.

I really enjoyed reading what she had to say, and many of her points are ones that I’ve heard time and again from other people. Lately, it seems like everyone is hating on Sion Zaius, because they are frustrated at having to pay out so much money to keep their chicken habit going. But I have some points of my own, about this. I left a comment on Phaylens blog, but I’d like to share it here also.

Hi Phaylen!

I loved reading your take on the Sion Chickens. (And thank you for the nice words about my blog.) πŸ™‚

I feel that I really need to step in here though, and defend Sion Zauis and his chicken industry. As you said, its brilliant. And its also very fair, when you stop to think about it..

Yes, raising and breeding these chickens does include a lot of fees. However, the actual cost is very small and in many cases, people are able to recoop (See? I can do it, too!) the money they have to shell out, by selling eggs and other items.

Lets just say for a moment that a person has enough self control to only get one chicken. As you said, one food set will feed one chicken for an entire month, and only costs $240. Even if you wanted to breed and sell the eggs, you are still only paying less than $500L per month- only now, you can sell the eggs for roughly $75-$100L each. On average, a hen will lay 2 eggs per day. Even if you sold only one egg per day at the rock bottom price of $50L, you are still making a very nice profit.

Now, consider the fact that most other SL pets can cost upwards of $2000L each, and there is no way to make money from them. Which is the better deal?

Now yes, Sion is a genius. I even called him an evil genius in one of my blog posts, but it was all in jest. But when you think about it, his ‘nickle and dime’ method is extraordinarily fair. Eggs are literally a dime a dozen. Once you get into the chicken groups and communities, its very easy to get eggs for free or trade. You can also find lots of places that will give them away as lucky chair prizes, in midnight mania boards, etc. So really, now that the eggs are out there in such abundance, there would be no NEED for anyone to buy directly from Sion. The only way he is able to make any kind of profit is by charging very small amounts for very necessary items. Those transport cages that you mentioned for $20L actually come in sets of 15, I believe. Same for the egg protectors. It costs $40L for a set of 20. That is an extremely small amount to you and I- but multiply that by the thousands of people who are raising chickens, and its a very nice business for Sion.

In addition to that, he is constantly working on upgrades and new features for the eggs.. and other cool items are on the horizon, such as Sion Corn, that you can grow! We are all very excited for that.

Finally, the chickens themselves are even scripted to have their own personalities. If you watch them, they interact differently with each other, and with their owners. They will recognize you when you approach them, and will come over and rub against your legs like cats. πŸ™‚ Its very cute! They like to sleep cuddled together in little clusters. Some of them get along with each other better than others, and will follow one another around. They play with toys that you give them. I could go on, and on.

Anyway, my point is that a lot of times, people get caught up in the idea of having to pay for food, rings to prevent hatching, transport boxes, etc. But they tend to forget, there is NO other pet in SL that is this interactive, this realistic as far as having to be careful and treat them like real animals so they’ll live and be happy.. AND includes the necessary tools to start up your own SL business and turn a profit.

Thats just my two cents. πŸ˜‰


~ by Nika Dreamscape on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “Fair Is Fair”

  1. I’ve studiously ignored the Sion chickens largely out of self preservation. Time! I need more time!

    The fervor that ignites in the Sion chicken community is evidence that if I got into it, I’d have a hard time getting out.

    For all the fun it brings, it seems a light price to pay a few lindens for. I do have some issues with the death on return stuff, but the business model is brilliant.

    Nice post.

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