My Paradise Retreat

In my last post, I talked about the R&R holodeck system and the Pacifica house I tore down and modified into a skybox. Well, I’ve been working endlessly on it over the past week, and I’m happy to say that its finally finished! And I am extremely pleased with the results..

Often times when I’m trying to work out the interior design of any of my builds, I have a lot of ideas but end up never quite following through. The last time I used the full version of the Pacifica house, I had it out for a couple of months and only sparsely furnished it with a few couches and rugs, but never got around to completing it. I was pretty determined to do a good job on this one, though. And I am content that it really is finished- all thats left to do is some texturing. But as far as furniture and decor, I’m quite pleased!

The furniture and home accents I ended up using for the house were a huge mish-mash of different designers. Two things I knew I wanted to focus on were modern/art deco furniture, and lots of plants. Since this space was so open and airy, I wanted to give the appearance of bringing the outside, in.

I’m not much of a builder yet, so I went out and bought almost everything you’ll see in these pictures- with the exception of the windowseat, here. While I was out shopping, I saw a couple of pretty birds perched on top of the Belle Belle subscribe-o-matic sign, and decided it was a cute idea. This adorable little bird is from Happy Mood. It moves its head around and chirps, and I just love it. It was copy, so I put another on the back porch.. and scattered a few of them around Corona Cay. 🙂

A wonderful way to start my mornings is to curl up in the windowsill and sip some coffee, while I go through my email and plurk. This lovely coffee tray is by CaT Homestyle.

I spent ages trying to decide how to fill this curved area of the house. What I really wanted was a curved couch that would fit perfectly along the wall. But I didn’t see any that I really loved, and it would be impossible to tell if it fit just right without being able to test it out- and furniture does not come with demos. But I ended up finding these great retro lounge chairs from ~Shag~.. and they were even lucky chair items! I finished it off with a round coffee table from Depoz, an ivory floor planter from BellaRose and a magazine rack from Plush Pod. Naturally, I wouldn’t be a good hostess if I didn’t have snacks and drinks available for my guests. The yummy cheese ball and tray of mimosas are from Naughty Nibbles.

When it comes to lighting, I am extremely picky. I love it when I kind find a lamp that can double as art, so when I saw this Willow Lamp by [marked], I fell in love with it. Since it wasn’t set for sale, I contacted the creator, Sable Sunset. Turns out she is working on a scripting system for it at the moment. But she was sweet enough to sell this version to me ‘as is’, which was just perfect. It was the finishing touch on this area of the skybox, and I love it. I am also crazy about the swag light curtains from Second Spaces!!  And speaking of art- the painting on the wall is Tears At Sunset, by Keeme Brown. Turns out he is an amazing artist, and this piece is probably my favorite, so far.

One of the hardest things to find was a console table to go behind this (Free!) couch by LUXus. Everything was either the wrong color, wrong texture, too short, too tall, etc. I finally found this great table at Plush Pod, and snatched it right up. I love that it has a glass top, also. Very pretty!

Finally, the deck I built. Its a little cramped, and I thought about making it bigger.. but it would mean extending the deck in front of the window, and I really didn’t want to block any of the view. Incredibly, that planter is a free gift from CaT Homestyle! The deck chairs are also a gift, from Anpuli Design. The ice tea is by Alora Jewell, you can find it at Lavish Chicken Shop. And last but certainly not least is the charming farmhouse porch swing, by Henredon Homes and Gardens.

I know there is a lot of furniture I didn’t mention, but it would be difficult to list it all in this post. If you see something in any of the pictures and want to know where its from, please feel free to comment or drop me an IM. But most of the rest of the items were from places like The Loft, Unique Shabby Chic, Mudhoney, Ramos Designs, Aintree Gardens, Pillow Talk, Pondlife… you get the idea. Like I said- I searched all over the grid to furnish this home, and had lots of fun doing it! I’m very proud of the design and layout, and its been a great hangout spot to have friends over. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on July 13, 2009.

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