Exploring SL6B- Uplink

Today puzzles me a bit, because in a few hours, Philip Linden will be giving his closing ceremony speech for SL6B. And yet, it will still continue to be open for another week. I heard that ‘all the events will be over’ by the time he delivers his speech. But that isn’t true at all- I don’t think there is anything stopping people from having events at their builds, over the course of the next week. The SLPN build certainly is, as there will continue to be live podcasting shows daily until SL6B closes. (And by the way, for the podcast recording of the excellent discussion panel regarding the Australian ban on SL, go to http://slpodcast.net/2009/06/metanews-xtra-aussie-special/)

Today, I’ll be exploring the Uplink sim. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL6B%20Uplink/126/126/25 

Starting with the Volunteer Headquarters for this years SL6B. I didn’t see any actual volunteers at the build. However, there are listings inside that will tell you who the coordinators and staff for each of the sims are, and their online status in case you need assistance.

Volunteer Headquarters

Volunteer Headquarters

Space Is There  is a build by Nickola Martynov. When you are done exploring her exhibit on the ground, climb the spiral pathway and take the elevator up, to see the rest of her exhibit high above the ground.

Space Is There

Space Is There

At Persephone’s Grove, Celebrate Paganism in Second Life. Enjoy the art and games, brought to us by Persephone Loon.

Persephones Grove

Persephone's Grove

At the UFO Crash Site, you will find a flying saucer thats smashed into the rocks, and some eerily glowing circles ahead.

UFO Crash Site

UFO Crash Site

Jalisco, Mexico is the build by Brent Renard that specializes in the cultural heritage of Mexico, and the state of Jalisco.

Jalisco, Mexico

Jalisco, Mexico

The PrimPlay Educational Sculpture is a fun and interesting exhibit by alvid Majestic and Sandy Susanto. PrimPlay is a dynamic sculpture demonstrating many of the possibilities obtainable with prims in Second Life. Its really pretty, and fun to watch the shapes changing and disappearing, only to reappear again in a different form.



Potatotem is a visual timeline of Thomas Potato’s life as a builder, starting at the bottom and reaching 245 meters into the sky.




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