Exploring SL6B- Day One

Yesterday, Second Life began its 6th birthday celebration with the opening of SL6B. Several sims have been dedicated to the incredible builds put together by many SL residents. The theme this year is the Future of Virtual Worlds, which means a lot of glow and futuristic builds.

I was around last year during SL5B, but I really didn’t attend. I didn’t quite ‘get it’ yet. I checked out Crap Mariner’s Podcasting build which was really cool. But beyond that, I literally did not see a thing. Plus, I believe it started during my work week, and my time in SL was limited then. I really didn’t have time to do much exploring while SL5B was open.

This year though, I find myself with plenty of time, and lots of curiosity about what this birthday celebration actually means. I’m not entirely sure how long SL6B lasts, no one has ever been able to give me a direct answer, but I think its at least one week, if not two. What I would love to do is tour as many of the builds as I can, and blog it like crazy. From what I’ve seen so far, everything has been absolutely amazing, and I really want to document this with photos, and my thoughts and comments.

The official opening for SL6B was yesterday, June 23rd. The event was supposed to be opened to the public at exactly 10am SLT, when Philip Linden would give an opening speech. Being the early bird that I am, I had gathered at Destination Station with Stuart Warf and Itazura Radio at 9am. We planned on hanging out until the sims opened up, then we were going to TP over there and try to catch the speech. I told them that I was going to start hammering at the TP button at 9:50, because you never know- maybe it would open a few minutes early. Sure enough, at 9:57 my teleport request went through! I was on my way, leaving poor Stuart and Itazura behind. Within seconds, the sim was completely full and neither of them were able to get in. I kept trying to send them TP’s, but they failed every time.

I found myself in a large, glowing dome, surrounded by gray people. I could hear Yxes Delacroix giving direction to Philip and the other Lindens, as Treet TV set up to record the opening ceremony. There was platform seating everwhere, but I was not able to move or see well enough to tell what was actually available or what seats were already taken by people who hadn’t rezzed for me yet. Philip started his speech, so I panned my camera around to him and tried to stay still and not lag-fall on anyone.

Philip Linden

Philip Linden

I got an IM from Itazura a few minutes into the speech. “I found you!” I glanced back behind me and saw that he had found himself a spot. I was kind of standing a bit in front of the front row, so I tried to shuffle back and out of the way. But the lag was making it difficult to move with any real control, so I ended up staying put so I didn’t topple onto Catherine Linden, who turned out to be sitting right next to me.

Catherine Linden

Catherine Linden

As the speech went on, my attention started to wander a little bit. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested- but I was anxious to start really exploring. By this time, Stuart had managed to TP into Cyro, where his SL6B build was. As soon as the speech was over, I darted out of the building and started trying to figure out how to make my way to Stuarts build. His TP offers weren’t working, so we gave each other map rights so we could track each over via beacon. I finally made it to Cyro and to his build, which looked really cool! I liked what he did with the logo backdrop, behind the SLPN stage.

There will be live podcasting shows at the SLPN stage throughout the week. Stuart kicked it off with Podmafia at 3pm with Yxes, and Itazura Radio filled in as the guest spot.

Podmafia Live

Podmafia Live

Right after that was MetaNews Daily, with Stuart Warf and Malburns Writer as the co-host of the day. There was a nice audience, and towards the end of the show, Carl Linden came drifting by in robot form. He ended up hovering above the audience seating, to watch the last few minutes.

Carl Linden watches MetaNews Daily

Carl Linden watches MetaNews Daily

There will be more podcasting events over the next week, including MetaNews Daily, Cybergrrl Oh, Fantasy and Folktales, and Coronaverse.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 24, 2009.

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  1. ok now I want to go and explore!

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