An Interesting Idea..

Inventory overload.

I’m sure just about anyone reading this blog post can agree, our inventories have a way of ballooning out of control at a very rapid pace. I see people talking all the time about trying to clean out their inventories. Monthly purges, inventory swapping parties, yard sales.

As I was sorting through my own inventory this morning, I first started to think about possibly selling some of my transfer items that I’m not longer using on XstreetSL. I’m sure we all have furniture, clothing, plants, and other random items we aren’t using anymore, and wouldn’t mind getting rid of the transfer items.

As we discussed this on plurk, Hybrid Ansar mentioned that a friend threw a bunch of transfer items in a box and told it to a yard sale owner, for them to deal with. But that got me to thinking.. wouldn’t it be interesting if people started putting a set amount of random items in a ‘grab bag’, and put it up for auction with a starting bid of say, $10L. The idea kind of follows the “Woot Bag Of Crap” concept. The definition of the Woot Bag Of Crap, taken from the wiki page:

Bag of Crap

In lieu of typical product sales, Woot occasionally offers a blind grab bag officially called “Random Crap”. Its accompanying picture has lent it the name “Bag of Crap” (BOC). The BOC contains at least three items whose value and quality are not guaranteed, but sometimes expensive items are included. The BOC typically triggers thousands of order requests and sells out within seconds. Processing a customer’s order for a BOC, assuming he or she is first lucky enough to get one before everyone else, may take over an hour.

Now, the traditional Woot Bag Of Crap, as I understand it, could contain true crap, like McDonalds toys or debris from a persons junk drawer. Although at times, expensive items like cameras, bread machines or MP3 players could be included. I think the concept in SL would work a little bit better, as much transfer items in people’s inventories are good quality- most likely clothing or nice items purchased at one point, that they just aren’t using anymore.

I’m thinking of trying this idea out, myself. I have a Bid Box (by the creator of the Lucky Chair), where I can put in an item- in this case, a grab bag of Transfer/No copy items from my inventory, then set the starting bid at 10L. I could also include a few of my own designs, also.

I think if more people started trying out this concept, it could be a LOT of fun. Its a good way to clean out your inventory and make some extra money. And who doesn’t love a grab bag? 🙂

I think I’ll try this out. And I really hope other people do, as well! More to come..


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “An Interesting Idea..”

  1. That’s a great idea!

    I know what you mean Nika…i’ve got 23-25k+ items in my inventory…. -__-

    i have an unexplainably large amount of woman’s clothes if u want them XD

    plus im too much of a lazy ass to try and organize my inventory…due in large part to the HUGE amount of stuff

  2. Most of my stuff is no-trans though. I’ve hardly got any transferable stuff 😦

  3. I *love* this idea, I have so much transfer stuff from Heart that i know I wont’ be using for a very very long time if ever..and by then I’ll want new stuff anyway! Not to mention Creative Gardens and clothes that I have been putting in a ‘yardsale’ folder that are good quality but I just don’t wear them anymore.

    I’m gonna try this!

  4. So I have a ton of animations that are duped because I bought three kissy sexy huds or beds that never worked out, all trans and all the same – I can prolly make about 50,100 grab bags right there… good idea! 🙂

  5. Fascinating idea.

    How about a “reverse auction’ though?

    Do all that you say, then throw a script in the box where you set the initial price. For example: L$1000 (or whatever) – then the price drops by one L$ every (choose your number of) hours.

    Plop a sign up that explains the price drops this way. Who has the guts to wait for it to reach the price they really want it for? Who will buy it at the current price (and then you lose out).

    Could easily be a game.

    IM me in world. I’ll throw the script at you. 😉
    Or better yet, buy my book! (Yes, shameless plug – but that script is part of the business tollkit that comes with it)

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