Chicken Update

Hopefully not too many of you are sick of hearing about the chickens, yet. There are so many updates to mention, though. Both with my little chicken family, and with the Sion Chickens in general.

First of all, Peep has been doing great since Sion revived her. She’s gotten really big, and doesn’t even do the cute little cheeping that she used to do- she’s already clucking and bawking like her sister, Jewell. So far, Peep is still bright yellow. But Jewell’s tailfeathers and wings turned green, and Nugget is green all over. I’ve still been working on transforming the ‘yard’ I keep them in, above our skybox. I changed the walls and ceiling to a really pretty forest scene I found on Deviant Art, and I changed the ground cover to autumn leaves that match the screens MUCH better than the grass and flowers did. I got rid of the alpha textured tree and bush that just didn’t look right, and put in the sculpted Artis Natur tree from Adam N Eve. It came with copyable scattered leaf ground cover, so I put a bunch of those down.. as well as a couple of pink petal ground covers also. The Artis Natur tree and ground coverings generate particles of falling leaves and butterflies- love it! And I also put in some flower petal and firefly particles. So its basically snowing pretty stuff on me constantly, lol.

Peep and Jewell

Peep and Jewell



I built them a chicken coop to sleep in, too! I originally put a wire screen front and back on it and tried to put walls on either side, so it could be enclosed. But because of the slanted roof, I just can’t get rid of the gap at the top of the sidewalls. So I’m trying to brainstorm some better ideas, and just left it open for now. Its still cute!

Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Now, as for the Sion Chicken updates.. my chickens were originally version10.. but now that V11 chickens are out, mine have upgraded. Once you get the v11 food, it happens automatically. I still had 50 servings left in the last bowl of v10 food when I got the next set. But once I got the notecard and read all the updates, I was so excited that I threw out the old food so I could start them on v11 right away. I’ll try to just cover a few of the highlights.. Here are some cut and pasted sections from the notecard I got:


ALL V11 eggs are now UNIQUE ONE OF A KINDS
ALL V11 eggs DIE in inventory, same as lives
ALL V11 eggs are delicate and can be broken
ALL V11 eggs need to be boxed to save or sell
ALL V11 lives will now be named sionChicken
ALL V11 lives have new wings! They are so cute!
ALL V11 lives will be happy to see their owners
ALL V11 lives seek “sionChicken coop” to sleep
ALL V11 lives have floating text upon death
ALL V11 BLACKS CAN MATE !!! Find out how below
ALL V11 Major Communication Improvements


V11 “New Wave” Race of Chickens Launched
V11 “Ancient” Rare Chickens Launched
V11 “Scarce” Race of Chickens Launched

All V11 laid eggs are now totally unique one of a kinds. This means that each egg that is laid is a single egg and not copy able and you get to decide whether to hatch it yourself, keep it for the future or sell it and allow someone else to enjoy it.

The chances of 2 people each having the same colour hen and same colour rooster mating at the same time and producing 2 eggs of identical colour are slim. To have both those eggs come up for sale at the same time is even rarer.

Your wonderful chickens now have a hint of mystery to them. They have become more interactive and are developing their own personalities. When you walk into your coop or close to your pen, your chickens may or may not be glad to see you. This one you will have to figure out on your own.

Along with recognizing their owners, Sion has also made them interactive with toys !! Aside from the benefits of toys explained for the new race of “Scarce” chickens, all chickens will benefit from having toys called sionChicken toy to play with. Those added benefits you will have to discover on your own as well.  (You can blame Sion for the lack of details) 🙂

The Ancients will occur once in every 300 eggs or so laid but can come in any colour AND THEY GLOW !!! (I think they were dropped in radioactive alien sludge or something) If you get an Ancient or someone you know hatches one, you have to see it. Put your environment settings to midnight and watch as it lights up the dark.

Each New Wave chicken will have 2 different constrasting colours and not just coloured tails. They have new wings !!!! Their wings will be one colour and their tails will be a different colour. Now imagine that on a Scarce Ancient. Especially if white is one of the colours. That’s impressive but they are impressive in any colour.

Whew! And those were just the highlights. I left a ton of other stuff out, regarding healing kits, food, and other stuff coming in the future. (Like growing corn to feed your chickens.) Now you see why I couldn’t wait to upgrade to V11.

Now, I also want to share some cool stuff I found out about over the past couple of days. First, lets go back to where it all started- Lavish Chicken Shop.

Alora still has her midnight mania board up, so you can win a couple of free eggs. And she’s still selling other Sion eggs of all kinds, both v10 and v11, as well as cute chicken pens that she made, and she has the official Sion vendor where you can get food and other supplies. But she’s also made some new products of her own. First, there are these cute blankets. Apparently, you can lay down with your chickens and they’ll hang out on the blanket with you. Adorable!

Chicken Blankets

Chicken Blankets

Next, remember the mention of toys? She made a really nice toy basket for the chickens. It comes with about 15 small toys (they remind me of kitten or puppy toys), set to physical so your chickens can push them around and play with them. I got one of these baskets earlier and have little toys scattered all over my yard, LOL. I got rid of the ones that look like eggs, though. I knew everytime I saw one I’d get excited thinking Jewell or Peep laid it.

Chicken Toys

Chicken Toys

The next place I wanted to show you is D&S Chicken Farm. This one is thanks to Nikki Zenovka, she plurked about this this morning. This is an adoption/pound farm- you can bring your unwanted chickens here and leave them, so you don’t have to kill them! And anyone who wants some free chickens can come here and adopt them for free. Awesome! They also sell all kinds of things, from eggs to coops to accessories.

Eggs for Sale

Eggs for Sale

Breeding Coops

Breeding Coops

And don’t even get me started on the free eggs. They are everywhere! D&S Farm has a Midnight Mania board, subscribe o matic gift eggs, AND a lucky dip game. It takes every ounce of my willpower when I’m here not to grab more eggs. But if you are on the fence with this whole chicken thing, and not sure if you want to invest the time or money in it, or you’re just not sure if you’ll like it.. come get some free eggs. And if you don’t like it- you have a place to bring them back.

Midnight Mania

Midnight Mania

Group Gift

Group Gift

Finally, I have a couple of extras to share with you. First of all, I found a really great in world group to join if you want to find other people that are into the Sion Chicken craze. The name of the group is Chickens Of The Seas, its open enrollment and the people are very friendly and helpful. Its one of those very chatty groups,and I’ve gotten a lot of answers to my questions by asking them. Its also a group for 7Seas Fishing, but I haven’t heard much talk about that.

A spinoff group was created today by one of the Chicken of the Sea group members- this group is dedicated to people who want to buy or sell chickens, eggs or accessories. It was getting too spammy to have those conversations on the regular group chat, so Cane Sutter created The Sion Farmer’s Market.

Last but not least, I was looking around on flickr today, and found a flickr group devoted to the Sion Chickens. I posted it on plurk, and I know a few of us joined already. SL Chicken Farmers.

This chicken craze is really spreading. Here are some other bloggers who are raising Sion Chickens.

About to fall to the darkside:

Also added, thanks to Softpaw Sommer-

Told you it was a lot of us.

I KNOW I’m forgetting some others, but I listed as many as I could remember. If I overlooked you, or if you are blogging chickens and you aren’t on this list, leave a message in comments so I can subscribe. 🙂

Nugget has reached maturity and is eyeballing Jewell, so I imagine there will be more stories soon. 🙂 More to come..

Shh.. nap time

Shh.. nap time


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 3, 2009.

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  1. very nice pen! Ithink that wil be the fun part..the creating of their space LOL

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