Poor Peep

I logged on this morning to check on Peep, and even snuck some food into her pen at Stuarts house just to make sure she wouldn’t starve before I got home. During work I decided that Peep! was just too cool to give away, so I was going to take her back from Stuart tonight after I got home from work.. unless he really wanted to keep her, which I doubted. I logged on as soon as I got home to check on her and bring her more food, if Stuart wasn’t around.

Sadly.. it turns out Stuart didn’t really think that she would die permanently if returned to inventory. He returned her, and told her I could rez her in another spot later, cause he needed the place I had left her to work.

[16:45]  Second Life: Your object ‘sionChicken rev2’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Stuart Warf from parcel ‘Casa del Warf ‘ at Corona Cay 59, 199 due to parcel owner return.

The other chickens that got returned to me last night disappeared when they were auto returned, they never made it to my inventory. I quickly checked my Lost and Found folder, just in case. Peep was in there. So I rezzed her, hoping by some fluke that she may have survived.

16:46]  sionChicken rev2: I (<Peep) died because of genetic errors! My position is Corona Cay at pos <229.88990, 222.00910, 347.44670>

😦 I had read somewhere about a healing kit for the chickens.. so I tracked down Sion’s mainstore and bought the kit from a vendor. Dashed back home and rezzed the kit next to Peep. Clicked it and held my breath..

It didn’t work. I IM’d Alora Jewell, the one I had gotten the chicken eggs from in the first place, and asked if the kits worked on inventory returned chickens. She said no, it doesn’t work in that case.

I just really wish I could have gotten word to Stuart during the day, to let him know I was going to take her back after work. I had no computer access, though..

Sorry this didn’t have a happier ending.

Peeps resting spot

Peep's resting spot


~ by Nika Dreamscape on May 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Poor Peep”

  1. I am a rational intelligent adult sitting at my computer on the East Coast feeling kind of sad about Peep. This is nuts 🙂 but great saga Nika!

  2. PEEP!!!!!!!!!! 😦

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  4. […] Related Post- Poor Peep […]

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