Sion Zaius Is An Evil Genius

Well, its time for the next chapter of the baby chicken saga.

First, all three eggs from last night did hatch. Nugget was the ‘first born’, and his two brothers arrived a couple of hours later. After a nap, they all ran around the chicken pen, exploring.

They are completely adorable. And these Sion Chickens are so cool! It takes them a couple of weeks to reach maturity.. once they do, they can breed with other chickens and lay eggs that you can either hatch or sell. There are a lot of chicken farms around the grid from people who breed them, which I think is the neatest idea ever.

But there is a catch- a rather costly one. You see, chickens have to eat, in order to live. And while the chickens and eggs themselves are really inexpensive- the food is only available for purchase from Sion Zaius. And it costs $240L for four dishes. And each chicken will go through one dish in a week.

And I have 5 chickens. (2 eggs are waiting to hatch, as I type this.) As you can see.. there is no way I can afford to keep all these chickens. $240L a month is basically what it will cost you, per chicken.

So think about it. The guy makes ultra cool chickens that are smart, meaning they are scripted to avoid water, slopes, neighbors parcels, they are very fragile.. they can and will die easily if they are injured with a weapon, dropped or stepped on. And if you hurt one and it doesn’t die, it will remember and avoid you for a long time until it feels like it can trust you again. They sleep. They get hungry and eat. They have status bars for mood, hunger, fatigue, etc, much like the sims. They can breed, lay eggs that you can sell.

And BECAUSE they can be bred and sold, the cost on actually buying an egg is very, very low. Because everyone is trying to sell eggs. I have seen eggs as low as 25L.

So people like me come along, and buy a few with the idea of breeding them. They are too cute and realistic to kill. Which, by the way, they can also die by taking them into your inventory. So if you thought you could get around having to feed them by just taking them back to inventory, think again. They continue to breed, people continue to sell them. They spread like wildfire across the grid. Chicken farms popping up everyone. Don’t believe me? Just search Chicken Farm.

And every chicken is bringing Sion Zaius 240L a month. This guy is SMART!

So here was my dilemma. I cannot afford to support 5 chickens. I gave it a lot of thought and decided that as much of a shame it is. I was going to have to keep one and let the rest die. I couldn’t bring myself to kill them on purpose- even if they aren’t real. They’re too cute! Sure, I could have taken them back to inventory and done it quick, but I’d still feel bad. Oh yeah, and I can’t just sell or give the chicks away. Because don’t forget, you can only give an item away from inventory. Taking them to inventory kills them. But its ok- Sion has that figured out. You can buy a special transportation cage for the chicken to safely go inside, if you want to send it to someone else.

See what I mean?

So, I wasn’t about to buy a cage just to give the chickens away. Can’t afford to keep them. Won’t kill them. So, what to do? The answer I came up with-

Attach to my hand, and find them a new home. Sort of like leaving a kitten on someone’s doorstep. I started searching chicken farms.. with all the chicken coops full of baby chicks, maybe I could find a farm with autoreturn disabled, and sneak my chicks in with someone elses, LOL. Yeah.. I know thats not very nice. But this is a dirty business! And I figured, if the chicken farm owner noticed, either they would be mad and ban me.. or laugh. Or, maybe even both. But if they take the time to breed chickens, build nice coops for them, put up signs warning people not to step on them.. could they really sentance these cute little baby chicks to sure death by sending them back to my inventory?

Yeah, I know.. I don’t play fair, do I? Chicks in hand, I looked around until I found just the right farm. Then I snuck the little ones into the coop.

Be free, little chickies!

Be free, little chickies!

I quickly ducked home, to check on the other two eggs that were waiting to hatch. You see, I decided to keep Nugget, the firstborn. And I figured I really wanted him to have a mate, so I can see if they will lay eggs. That might be kind of fun. Pricey, yeah.. but maybe I can swing it. Maybe I can even sell some of the eggs on Xstreet, and make back a LITTLE bit of the cost. (Yeah right.) I had 2 eggs.. surely one of them would be a girl. After a few more minutes, they hatched.. both were female! I decided to keep the one that hatched fastest, and named her Jewell. But what to do with the other… I could take it to the chicken farm. But there was a little problem:

Second Life: Your object ‘sionChicken rev2’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by xxxxx from parcel xxxx due to parcel auto return.

Crap.. seems one of the chicks managed to get out of the coop and wander out of the safe zone. The other one is still there, far as I can tell. But I’m not taking any chances. So, I need to come up with another solution. Hmmm…

The Story Of Peep!

Im Peep!

I'm Peep!

See this cute little chick? This is Peep! Jewells sister. I can’t afford to keep Nugget, Jewell AND Peep. So Peep needed to find a new home. I figure, Stuart Warf probably would make a pretty good surrogate owner, right? So I left Peep! At his house, and dropped a notecard on Stuart:

Dear Mister Warf,

I am cold and hungry and have no place to live. Nika said I could stay with you because you pretend to be mean but you’re really nice.

Please don’t send me back to Nika! I will die if I go into her inventory! And I don’t want to die. :< Please let me live with you.

Don’t let me die, Mister Warf! You are my only chance..

PS. I’m REALLY HUNGRY!! Can you buy me food?

Your new pet,

Now really, who could resist that? Stuart would have to be pretty cold hearted to autoreturn Peep! I mean.. she would die! And no one wants Peep! to die, right?

Will Stuart do the right thing? Time will tell..

To Be Continued..


~ by Nika Dreamscape on May 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Sion Zaius Is An Evil Genius”

  1. LOL!!! OMG, I hope Peep doesn’t die! That would make me so sad!

  2. What a great story. I can’t wait to hear the next installment.

  3. Ohhhh what a great idea, to carry your birdies over to another chicken farm. I deleted most of mine when sion brought out version 11. He certainly is an evil genius, but some of us are not fools for too long, and I resent having to constantly pay out more and more. You can no longer take the laid eggs back into your inventory with version 11 – they break and die also, so sion gets even more money from a special box you have to buy, and other gadgets.

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