Even More Immersive

I got an IM from someone tonight, that reminded me of a long overdue blog post I plan on writing. Actually, I doubt it’ll be in this blog. I think I’ll be submitting it to one of the other publications I write for, so it’ll get more coverage. (Trust me, this guy does some really cool stuff, so watch for that.)

Anyway, it reminded me that  I wanted to play around with some ideas on a much smaller scale. I posted before about the cool Urban Affliction skybox that I modified to add more cityscape window scenes too. I plan on changing that up, pretty soon. I already have started a collection of a completely new landscape, so our apartment soon will no longer be in the city. 😉

But for now, I wanted to play around with some of those other ideas. When I last blogged about this apartment, I mentioned I had built a balcony so Keeme and I would have a little place to step outside, without a sheer 400 meter drop to the ground below. Problem was, the view looked pretty bland and icky, with nothing but the empty sky around us.

So tonight, I rezzed a sphere- took a lot of toying around with it to make it fit around the balcony. This wasn’t a megaprim- just your run of the mill sphere, stretched to its limits. Hollowed out, turned phantom, and a clever texture applied to the inside.

Here is our new view out the doorway.

I had to get really creative with the placement. In order to completely wrap around the balcony, part of the sphere had to overlap inside the apartment. From the inside, you couldn’t really tell. It was phantom and totally transparent on the outside, so you couldn’t see it. But standing on the balcony looking in, you could see part of the city inside our living room, lol. So, I did a path cut which made it almost perfect. The only part thats messed up now is directly above. If you look straight up, you can see the path cut. I may toy around with sticking another smaller sphere up there, to continue the sky. But it may be tough to match. Still, for a first attempt- the other views look awesome!

Its late now, so I don’t have time to mess with it futher. Not to mention – the cityscape will be changing very soon, so I’ll have to find a new panoramic to work with anyway. But I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out on a first attempt. I may try this again with a megaprim sphere, and see what other stuff I can come up with. Although, I really like getting it to surround just the balcony.

That was a fun way to kill the last hour or so, before bed. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on May 14, 2009.

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