Finding Peace

I originally planned on not posting about this on the blog, or making any official announcement. But I decided that its simply too huge in my SL life to not mention or acknowledge, so I simply must post about it, here.

After talking about it this evening, Keeme and I have decided to fade our podcast, Diamonds and Rust. This was an incredibly hard and painful decision for me, and believe me, I lost a lot of tears over it. Of everything I’ve done in SL, DAR has been the one thing I’ve been the most proud of over anything else. And I really have Keeme to thank, both for helping me to achieve something that I had been wanting to do for a really long time. And for being at my side through all of it. He was a podcaster long before I ever met him, and after I got to know him.. I knew that I wanted to do a podcast, and I wanted it to be with him. I remember hinting around about it, and then being SO happy when he suggested we start a show together. We almost lasted a year, with the podcast. Seventeen episodes, and all of them are full of memories that will be ones I’ll look back on.. and laugh, and smile, for a long time. Out of all of them, episode 17 was my absolute favorite. So I think thats a perfect note to end on.

Its been a fun ride. But both of us have been busy with other things, and it was getting harder and harder to find times to record.  I wanted this to end as something people would look back on and think, yeah, that was a really good show. I think we accomplished that much, anyway.

I was hurting a lot over the decision, and I still am. I know its the right one. But sometimes that doesn’t ease the pain. Keeme came in world and we spent some time just exploring together. At the end, we sat on a boat in the middle of an ocean, and talked about it. He made me feel a lot better, and helped me remember to always do something because its fun, and there are a lot of other things to experience, learn and try out there. “Its a big world”, he said.

As for the seventeen episodes we put out over the last year, those will still be available at . And pretty soon, I’ll probably move them to as well, just to make sure they won’t get lost.

So I’m sad, yes. But I’m also happy that I got to go along on this journey. And getting to do this with him was a huge honor, and one I’ll never forget.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Finding Peace”

  1. *hugs*

  2. This is one podcast that would be missed. Hope you can go back to it in some future time. Who knows – maybe in a few months…

  3. I’m with Guy on that.
    You guys have extra good chemistry and although I can appreciate a change in direction, I’d hate to not see you two work together again.

  4. I’m sure we’ll still be doing the occassional appearance on Coronaverse now and then. There’s still Rezzednecks, and I do props for that. Or sometimes they put me in a funny costume and make me stand there as an extra. 😛

  5. It’s sad to see it go, but it means there’s bigger and better things on the horizon.


    btw- how’d u find my blog??

  6. It was the most fun I have had on any project so far. Thank you Nika for making it fun. Lets go fishing now.

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