Resident Choice Awards- Nika’s Picks

For the first time, Linden Labs has opened up voting on the very first Resident Choice Awards. They gave us 35 categories, and we get to fill in our favorites. Of course, they wanted us to include all the Slurls as well. This was a LOT of work, and I wonder how many people actually got through the whole thing. Some of the categories seemed to be unneccesary repeats, to me. (Favorite place to take a first date/favorite place to share a first kiss. Best place to be emo/best place to be goth.) And there were some categories missing completely. But all in all, it was a good first attempt. I can’t wait to see the results, in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I figured if I was going to go to all the work of gathering Slurls, I may as well share my personal picks here. Hope you enjoy!

1. My favorite place to groove on live music.

The Clocktower of Edloe

2. My favorite place to buy stuff in world.

Summer Seale


3. My favorite place to dance my prim toes off.

Seven Ultra Lounge

4. My favorite place to RP or play games with friends.


5. My favorite fabulous fashion designer.

Zaara Kohime

6. My favorite house rockin’ DJ.

TheDiva Rockin

(Photo by  TheDiva Rockin)

7. My favorite massively talented musician.

Maximillion Kleene

8.  My favorite visionary Machinimist.

Radar Masukami, for Rezzednecks

9. My favorite awesome Architect/Builder.

Parker McTeague, Ace’s Spaces and Park Life Prefabs

Photo by Radar Masukami

Photo by Radar Masukami


10. My favorite wizard-like Scripter.

Itazura Radio

11. My favorite cuddly Linden Bear Museum.

The Gufler’s Virtual Bear Museum

12. Best place to buy a Virtual Pet.


13. My favorite place to take you Back in Time.


14. My favorite place for Intellectual Conversation.

Destination Station

15. Best place to Learn Another Language.

Shayan Second Life Language School

16. My favorite  Museum/Art Gallery.

S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

17. My favorite brainy Science Experiment/Exhibit.

Bryn Oh’s Insect Steampunk Series at the Natural History Museum

18. My favorite source for Second Life News.

MetaNews Daily

19. My favorite finger-on-the-pulse Resident Blogger.

Crap Mariner

20. My favorite unforgettable Memorial.

World Trade Center Memorial

21. My favorite place to take a First Date.

Lost Gardens of Apollo

22. My favorite place to bring Business Colleagues.

 23. My favorite place to Chill With My Friends.

Destination Station

24. My favorite place to get down and Get Furry.


25. My favorite place to get your AO on and Be Tiny.

Caledon Library- Tinyville

26. My favorite place to Victorianize and get Steam Punky.


27. My favorite place to be all helpful and Help Newbies.

Starting Point

28. My favorite place to plan for the Robot Rebellion.

Robot Sanitorium

29. My favorite romantic place to have your First Avatar Kiss.

Lost Gardens of Apollo

30. My favorite depressing place to Be Emo.

Carnival of Doom

31. My favorite trashed landscape in which to enjoy the Post Apocalypse

32. Favorite place to put the hammer down and Drive.
33. My favorite creepy place to Be Goth.


34. My favorite meshtastic Sculpty Artist.

Aminom Marvin, Sculptomancy



35. My favorite nom-nom-y Prim Food Artist.  DavidDM Therian, Kitchen Kreations  


 Thats it! If you want to submit your own choices, you have until Tuesday, April 7th at 6pm SLT. So you better hurry.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Resident Choice Awards- Nika’s Picks”

  1. there are some good ones there. i have to say though, #6 was itazura’s idea, not mine. to be honest, i’m the slow-ass editor who’s holding things up instead of keeping them moving along. plus i have schedule problems sometimes getting in to record.

    so i’d say for that one, itazura = win, radar = lose.

  2. i meant number 8, not 6. neither itazura NOR i are responsible for diva, fer cryin out loud.

  3. Great post Nika. Your photos are stunning.

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  5. I’d rather not be involved in anything involving awards and voting and all that stuff.

    Avoided it with blogging.
    Avoided it with podcasting.
    Avoiding it with SL.

    The notecards and emails and notices I’ve gotten asking for me to vote for this or that is just an annoyance that brings down my enjoyment of that particular thing or event or place. Campaigning turns people into the worst of themselves.

    So I’d rather not do that to others and make them feel obligated to jump through hoops on some site, dig up SLURLs, blah blah blah.

    Y’all’s time is better spent ENJOYING, eh. And BUILDING and MAKING even BETTER stuff.


  6. […] learned of Petron after coming across this weblog entry in a reader:  Nika Dreamscape’s list of best places.  This monochromatic build dazzles with a wide range of surprises.  So much so, I took a […]

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