Destination: Deadwood 1876

Every since my last blog post about Destination Station, I’ve been thinking about doing a series of blog posts where I visit each location and do a little explore/write up, and some photography. Now, given that there are 100 locations in the Destination Station.. I clearly will never get through them all. Especially since they are updated fairly regularly! But I think this might be fun. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do this, but its something I’ve been thinking about trying for awhile now. (By the way, while I’m thinking about it, I’d like to give a big thank you to Hamlet Au of New World Notes for mentioning Destination Station on his blog. 🙂 Its wonderful to see it getting some exposure, and hopefully more people will know about it now and will find some neat places to explore.)

Deadwood, 1876

Welcome to Deadwood…

Deadwood is a historical roleplay Old West sim. It is based on the mining town of Deadwood, in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1870’s, height of the gold rush. Men from all over the country flooded to Deadwood to seek their fortunes. Businesses, such as saloons, brothels and hardware supply stores sprung up to support the rapidly increasing mining operations. Most of the buildings on the sim actually existed at that time. In fact, the sim is built as close as possible to the real town using pictures and accounts of men who lived in Deadwood! Being on Indian land, Deadwood is out of the jurisdiction of law, and is thus a lawless town.

When I TP’d into Deadwood, I landed on a platform for some gallows, with the noose dangling right behind my head. I hung around on the platform for awhile so give everything a chance to rez.. at first all I saw were some buildings that appeared to be floating in the sky around me. You know, how sometimes the floor and ground doesn’t appear right away. Apparently though, its still wintertime in Deadwood, because the ground is all ice and snow.. which is why it appeared to blend with the sky. I think it would be a lot easier to get the whole western feel when the ground is dirt, again. I simply made some adjustments to the environmental editor though, to get the atmosphere right.

Deadwood is supposed to be a RP sim, and there are a lot of signs around that you can click for notecards that will instruct you of how to register a character, roleplay tips, proper attire, etc. From all I can see around the landing point, it appears to be all shops. Clothing and weapon stores, mostly. But according to the mini map, there are a lot of people somewhere below me.. so I’m hoping maybe there is a teleport to take you to something other than shopping.

Aha, I’m in luck. Following the line of signs down the center of the sim, I came to one that gives information on getting an RP meter to wear, and tells you to look for a wagon ahead that will take you to Deadwood. They also have a website, by the way.

I imagine the shops are all there as a way to make sure you have the appropriate items to join the Deadwood RP group. From all the signs and notices I was reading, they are pretty strict about staying in character and in the proper style of dress. I realize by coming here I’m breaking all their rules. But hey.. I’m blogging about their place, so hopefully I can get most of this done before I’m ejected. 😉

I found the wagon that teleported me down to the actual Deadwood sim, at ground level. There seems to be a handful of people to the northeast, and now and then I can see someone walking across the snow covered street of the line of buildings, ahead.

Now this looks a lot more like I was expecting. Like a scene from any Western movie, you have the rows of weathered looking buildings.. an old style bank, Saloon, a general store, etc. My original plan was to just wander around the sim until somebody told me to leave or get in character, which I’m really not interested in doing. But then I realized that maybe if I could get close enough to watch some of the actual IC interactions, it might make for a more interesting blog post. I backtracked to where I had seen the place to get the RP meter and picked one up.. but there was no Observer status available. Since I have one of those fliptitles, I made my own. However, as I was writing this last bit, I got an IM from the person in charge of the sim:

— Instant message logging enabled —
[18:33]  Person In Charge: Hello there, didnt you read our rules miss, you are in the middle of a live RP old west sim
[18:33]  Nika Dreamscape: Hello there, and actually yes I did. 🙂 I am a blogger, and I’m currently writing up a review/explore of your sim and RP game. I checked the RP meter box but there is no observer tag, so I made my own
[18:34]  Person In Charge: There is no observer status this is immersive rp sim miss you will disrupt rp, im sorry this sim is different from other roleplaying sims
[18:34]  Person In Charge: I have to ask you to return to the entry area and dress appropriately
[18:34]  Nika Dreamscape: Alright
[18:35]  Person In Charge: If you need help, I can meet you up there and show you the ropes if you like?

[18:38]  Nika Dreamscape: Sorry, I crashed. And thats alright, I really only wanted to blog about your sim, but I will just use what bit I got, thank you
[18:39]  Person In Charge: Indeed, quite alright, the offer is still avaiiable if you should choose to return, I hold roleplay tours here quite often, and upon request
[18:40]  Nika Dreamscape: Good to know, I will include that in the post. Thanks, and have a great night
[18:40]  Person In Charge: good night miss Dreamscape

So there you have it. As I expected, they are fairly strict about the rules they have set in place for their roleplay community. Although it is a little bit annoying, I can understand that someone wandering around in jeans and a tie-wrap top would disrupt the ambiance of the game. And although the person in charge was not willing to bend the rules, he was very polite in offering to help a new person out.

So, if an immersive Western RP experience sounds like something you might be interested in, just read the rules, dress appropriately, and have fun taking a look around.

SLurl to Deadwood 1876:

For more places like this to explore, visit the Destination Station on Corona Cay. SLurl:


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Destination: Deadwood 1876”

  1. Nice job, Nika. You do have to respect the rules of the RP sims. At least “Person in Charge” was polite.

  2. If you plan to visit role-play sims, perhsps you should consider dressing appropriately and actually experiencing a bit of their roleplay?

  3. Oh, absolutely, Riven. When I find a RP sim that I have a personal interest in. 🙂 I’m not particularly interested in old West style RP- I just thought I would blog about it for the benefit of others that are.

  4. i didn’t say this, but someone we know is involved in that sim. remind me to give you the name. only thing is he hasn’t logged in for a long time afaik.

  5. Hello, and thanks for creating this Deadwood blog ! 🙂

    Its true, the rules are strict, but I hope you understands its for the roleplayers benefit.

    When you read a thrilling book, fully concentrated on the story and its characters, youre feeling like youre in another world.. and suddenly the phone rings… thats something we want to keep away from the roleplayers in Deadwood. So we ask everyone to dress up with appropriate clothes.

    We are offering clothes and roleplaymeter for free ,
    in the entry area.

    So every newbie is welcome to have a look around Deadwood, within the rules, and without spending tons of Lindens for clothes.

    People arent forced to step into the roleplay right away either.
    A simple IM, explaining that youre just looking around for now, is just fine 😉

    As the “Person in Charge” already mentioned: We have tours, rp-classes for newbies and we help personally in IMs, if youre lost. 😉

    I hope you had a nice experience anyways.

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    Rynn 🙂

  6. […] but keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of my list of priorities. Plus, I was kind of put off by my last experience of trying to blog a RP sim. Lately though, there is one RP sim that keeps drawing me back. It […]

  7. […] but keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of my list of priorities. Plus, I was kind of put off by my last experience of trying to blog a RP sim. Lately though, there is one RP sim that keeps drawing me back. It […]

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