Keeme’s Turn

As I’ve mentioned before, Keeme and I are sharing the land we own on Corona Cay. The original plan was for each of us to only take a couple of weeks to do what we wanted with the land, before we turned it over to the other. I had the land first, and plunked down my Nicky Patterson house to work on for awhile. I feel like I got some pretty good things accomplished with the interior, but never really fnished it or did much else. More and more time passed by, and I kept poking Keeme and asking him when he wanted to take his turn. He kept telling me that he was almost ready, he just had a lot going on in RL at the moment. I let some more time go by, and then a few nights ago decided to tear down my build. I figured if the land was clear, he’d get more motivated to do something.

The very next evening, I TP’d home expecting to see the empty land. But this is what I saw, when I rezzed in..

WOW. Not only did he put down a really cool looking build, but he landscaped, and everything! I have to admit, I am terrible with landscaping. I never did really landscape around our home on Nowhereville, and I sure didn’t plant so much as a flower while I was taking my turn with our new land. And here, Keeme has planted an orange grove to one side of our house, a bunch of Dogwoods on the other, and some bamboo shoots in the back. One of my favorite things he did was something simple, but I love the effect it gives…

I really love the cracked pathway, that leads down from the front porch to the street. The hill is on a very sharp incline, and I like how some of the pathway sections are turned at different angles or half jutting from the ground.. as if time and weather has moved them even more, and caused them to become more sunken and buried in the hillside.

This is another of my favorite things. As soon as I saw it, I made a beeline for it. I had no idea what it was, but I thought at first maybe it was an oriental fountain. I thought by clicking on it, that water would shoot up from the hole in the center. When I clicked, there was no water but a beam of light, instead. So then I thought maybe it was some sort of art sculpture, and was even MORE impressed. Later on, Itazura came by and said it was the hatch from that show, Lost. LOL. Keeme didn’t know it was the hatch, either. I have never seen the show, and apparently he hates it. But I begged him to let the hatch stay, because I still think it looks extremely cool, and I like it. 🙂

I love what he’s done, so far. I think its pretty neat to be around someone for so long, and still discover cool things like this that you never knew they could do. In fact, part of me is embarrased now that I see how far I have to go, and how much I have to learn, still. It takes so much more than tossing up a couple walls and doors to make a build your own. But thats why we are sharing the land.. so we can do things like this together, and I can learn from him. He told me I can use the rest of the prims to add some things myself.. but I dunno. I like where he’s going with this, so far. I’d like to wait and see what he does, next.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 19, 2009.

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