Investing In Ideas

A lot has happened in the past few days.  I’ve made a couple of very big impulsive decisions. And both of them, I’m quite happy with. 🙂

The first was Christmas morning. I was on plurk, sipping coffee and catching up on things. Maybe it was the holiday spirit that got me, but I suddenly decided that it was past time that Keeme and I have land again. I was actually looking for a very specific type of land. Unfortunately, I’m SO specific in what I want, that realistically, I don’t think its out there. I was hoping for an area that was very low in traffic, residential only with no commercial builds, no beaches, sand or oceans. Lots of privacy. For terrain, I wanted something in a forest, woods, or possibly mountain setting.. lots of trees and grass. Something like Botanical. And I wanted to pay a tier of around $15/month.

As you can imagine, thats probably not out there. Or if it is, it’s going to take me some time to find. Meanwhile, Itazura Radio has bought Podcast Island from Gary Leland and is currently making a lot of changes and opening parcels up for rent. Since the Destination Station is a huge draw for traffic and its centered in the middle of the island, I didn’t think I’d want to buy land there. But after spending some time looking for land last night, I realized that I’m probably not going to find ‘that perfect spot’ anytime soon. If ever. So in the meantime, why not go ahead and rent some land on PI for Keeme and I to play with. I talked to Itazura and he showed me a spot of land across from Gomem’s castle. So, I went ahead and send him the funds, and got us some land! When I plurked it, Nicky Patterson saw it and sent me this REALLY cool prefab she built. I love it! And its only like 80 something prims. I dropped it on our land for now, but I still have some major terraforming to do. So, here are a few ‘before’ pictures of both the land and the house.

First stages

First stages

Needs MAJOR terraforming

Needs MAJOR terraforming

House by Nicky Patterson

House by Nicky Patterson

I was SO excited about this.. but I’m even more excited now because Keeme and I have some really great ideas for this land. First of all – my original plan was to put down the Villa Romano house thats been sitting in my inventory since right before we had to give up our land on Nowhereville. Its one of my favorite prefabs and I never even got a chance to use it yet. But when Nicky sent me this extremely cool house, she sent it to me full perms and said I could use it to play around with. I LOVE that idea because I’ve really been wanting to practicing modifying a house, but I’ve been afraid to try it with our last one. Both the crime house and the Villa Romano are the types that rez in several sections and have to be adjusted with a rezzing box. This one is all in one piece, so it doesn’t intimidate me to move it around or even delete and re-rez it. This will be PERFECT for me to practice retexturing the walls and floors, and possibly even adding on other walls or sections. I cannot say how happy and excited this makes me- not to mention that I LOVE how this house looks already! Nicky- thank you so much!! 🙂 I can’t wait to start practicing with terraforming the land and then start working on the house. And now that I have Photoshop, I can begin learning how to make my own textures.

Which brings me to the other idea Keeme and I have. For one thing, we’re going to share this land by taking turns with it. I’ll take a couple of weeks of playing around with the land and the house- and then I’ll completely clear everything back down to bare dirt again, and turn it over to Keeme. Then he’ll have it for a couple of weeks, to do anything he wants with. We did some talking and also plan on collaborating on some neat ideas for the land. We have some things we want to work on together, so the land I’m renting will probably be changing often as we work on some of the things we’re talking about. Its going to be a LOT of fun, and a great learning experience. I’m very excited and very happy. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Podcast Island, December 08

Podcast Island, December '08


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One Response to “Investing In Ideas”

  1. Congratulations on your new venture! Make sure and keep us all posted on your progress.

    I hope Itazura Radio’s plans for Podcast Island bear fruit as well. I definitely believe a mixture of residential and commercial properties with a common visual theme (New Urbanism + Form-based Codes) is the way to go, in 1st Life as well as 2nd Life.

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