Just A Little TLC

Since Keeme and I have been ‘homeless’ for quite a few months now, I have times now and then where I really get the urge for some interior decorating. Since Podcast Island is currently going through a lot of changes anyway, I figured.. what better time to crash the Rezzednecks trailer and give it some sprucing up. It was in sore need of a woman’s touch. 😉

Call it an extreme makeover, if you will. Its funny how far a few well places lamps, candles and artwork will go.

Now if you’ll excuse me.. I better get out of here before Cooter Weezles comes home. He’s meaner than a two-headed snake with a stepped on tail.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on December 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Just A Little TLC”

  1. dadgummit, woman! it took them thar weezles yars and yars to git it lookin raght! Summbitch!!

  2. They took the RAC… RACO… The dead thing we eat in da pool…
    Pinche cabrones desgraciados hijos de sus madres!

  3. Gawddamn… it looks like it was thrown up on by a bunch of f$%#in flawers. An it smells at purdyfied…

    Hey, wuzzat under thu tree? A Chevy big block? Fur me?!?! Aww… ya’ll shouldin of.

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