Map Hopping

I’m sitting here at my computer with a tall glass of milk, a slice of pecan pie, an open map, and the urge to blog tonight. Its been awhile since I did a map hopping post, but I’ve been in the  mood to try it again for awhile. Sometimes I start to, but quickly hit a dead end and lose interest. I’m really in the mood to do some exploring tonight, however. So here goes.

I’ve done two versions of this before. The first time was via profile picks. I started at a random sim and clicked the profile of a nearby person, and went to the first location in their picks. Then I’d repeat at the next stop. This is fun, but tricky because often times, the picks section is blank. Or the sim I end up at is empty. The other time I did it was by opening the world map and randomly clicking. Again, somtimes I find some really neat stuff. Othertimes, I end up on some ugly mainland or on an empty sim. But as long as there’s something rezzed in a sim, there’s potential for an interesting discovery.

I had a little bit of a rough start tonight, with this. My first click landed me in a sex basement, which is one of the risks you kind of have to take when you do this. I quickly clicked out of there and landed on someone’s land, setting off their security orb. The third time was a charm though, and now I find myself standing on a brick path in a sim called Catnip Garden. As I waited for it to rez, I thought maybe it was going to be a cool neko sim or something. But from what I can tell, its just another shopping area. Its fairly pretty, the sim owner at least put effort into making it look nice. The most interesting thing around are a couple of cute hedgehogs circling through the grass. At least, thats how things appeared until I explored the sim a little further. Thats when I came across something that ended up bumming me out, a bit.

See, for the past week or so I’ve been really feeling homesick for ‘crime house’.. thats the home Keeme and I used to have when we lived on Nowhereville. Those were some really good times, and I took a lot of pride in having a place of my own. Especially when it came to decorating, and playing around with different furniture styles. When we got the place back in the summer time, the #1 thing I was most excited for was when Christmas came around. I already had plans in mind for how I wanted to decorate for the holidays. I couldn’t wait to get a big tree, to put lights on the staircase railings, to hang mistletoe and ribbons and all the works. When we ended up getting rid of the house and moving away, that was one of the hardest parts, because I knew I wouldn’t get to decorate our house for Christmas.

When I was wandering just now, I spotted a house nearby. A very familiar house..

It would be easy to overlook, if I didn’t know that house like the back of my hand. With all the Christmas decorations, it was almost hard to recognize. But I know my house when I see it. This has happened a few other times, and I always love when I find a Cabri Home like we used to have, because I love seeing how the owners decorated it and what ideas they came up with for some of the rooms. This time though, it actually made me sad. And very homesick. And even a little bit jealous. See, the woman who owns this house has a sense of style and an eye for home decor that  I could never dream of. I didn’t go inside the house, but I just had to camera through to see how she decorated it. Especially since she got to do it all up for Christmas like I wanted to, so bad. I at least wanted to see how it would have looked, if we still lived there. I was beyond impressed, though. This lady really knows how to think outside the box. She’s completely redone the interior, retextured the walls and flooring, added sliding glass doors to some of the rooms inside.. even turned what I was using as a hot tub room into a full room fish aquarium!! I would have NEVER thought of that. I respect her privacy enough that I will not take pictures of the inside, but I took a couple more from outside the house, since its publically visable to anyone on the sim.

This was the side that faced Edloe.. the room I used as the garden room, she has made the tv room. Our piano room on the second floor is an arcade in her version.

Here’s the aquarium room- this is the back corner of the house next to the porch. You can see the backdoor to the left of it. It looks SO cool, and I never would have dreamed of doing that.

She also added some hanging ivy and a garden trellis to the back of the house, extending it out a bit. And notice how the yellow around the door on the balcony brings out the warmth? I wanted to experiment with two tone paint also, but never got around to it..

The really incredible stuff is inside, but like I said, I won’t take pictures of the inside of the house. You’ll just have to take my word on it.

I’m curious about this woman’s creativity and talent for interior design. I checked her profile, hoping that maybe she had a furniture store or some related business in SL, but I don’t see any signs that she owns any shops or services. And her profile is all in Portuguese, she doesn’t speak any English, according to her profile. Oh well. At least I got to see what ‘our’ home would have looked like, for Christmas.

I got way off track.. and I feel like this one deserves its own post. I’ll continue the map hopping in a different post.

Edit: Oh, one more thing. The garden room.. look how pretty she has hers decorated.

It looks amazing.. and something I forgot to mention- it must have to do with her color schemes and the way she has things laid out, but all of her rooms looked WAY bigger than mine did.. like twice the size, even though its the same house.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on November 27, 2008.

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