SL Photography Project

Out of boredom tonight, I decided to try giving myself a photography project to do, just for fun. I do a lot of SL photography, mostly landscapes and scenary. My method is typically to save the photos to my computer, and then work on them in GIMP over the weekends. Lately though, I’ve been in the mood to try out doing some photography just for the sake of doing it. I see some great work out there, and I’d like to get better at what I do. Plus, it might be a fun way to see some new places I didn’t know about.

For these photos, my rule is that I won’t be touching them up in any editing programs. The only touching up I will allow myself to do is within the SL viewer, using the Windlight settings. Each place I land, I have to find one interesting photo somewhere on that sim. It can be anything I want. And if for some reason I can’t find anything of interest, I still have to take some sort of photo, and use my creativity to make it as pretty or interesting as I can- even if it has to be an abstract. I will also post the slurls of each photo location. This might end up being an ongoing project, not just within this post.

With that, here goes. 🙂

Clubside’s Fantasy Forest Meeting Spot

Metaverse Puerto Banus

Brasil Voice


Bastet Ancient Enduring

The Battle Grounds


~ by Nika Dreamscape on November 4, 2008.

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