Economy On Its Way To OpenLife

This post is going to be a little bit more rushed, but I have some news that I wanted to share with everyone.

Tonight was my third night in a row visiting the OpenLife grid, and I have tons of pictures and a lot of stories to tell. But the most significant at the moment is the news that OpenLife IS in fact getting ready to implement an economy system, possibly as soon as within the next couple of nights. Land sales are booming and the stage is being set for people to start up shops and businesses in OpenLife. From what I understand, its free to upload textures onto the OL grid at the moment. That could change as soon as tomorrow. For the time being, textures cost $9000L to upload. However, each time you log into OL, you should have $10,000L in your account. I have not tried to upload more than one texture at a time so I don’t know if it works or not. But you should be able to upload by relogging, at the very least. If you have any textures you must have, now is the time to get them on the grid.

I ran into Miggy Caudete and his partner Gazza tonight. They are opening a shopping mall that should be ready for business with the installation of the money system, hopefully tomorrow.

The two of them have been hard at work tonight, getting their store set up. There is a decent amount of content there already, ranging from skin, to clothing, eyes, furniture and household items.

Note: Some of the clothing and avatar items looked familiar to me, but I am staying well out of that debate. Just know that its out there, I know there has been a lot of talk about the ethics of transferring content from one grid to another, but I’ll leave that up to the true fashionistas and designers to track down. I’m just here reporting what I see.

Looking back at my pictures now, I guess I kind of fixated on the furniture, didn’t I? LOL. There was a large selection of really pretty eyes, also. Miggy is still getting things organized, but the prices are very reasonable. I tried to buy a pretty dress for only $100L, but the transactions are not working yet. (I am calling them Linden Dollars for the moment, since thats how the viewer has them listed until they get their own money system in place. Either way, you all know what I mean.) Once the economy is ready, you will be able to buy their currancy on the website.

The sim where you can find Miggy’s mall is called Chiller. So far, this is the first shopping area I’ve seen. I talked with him for probably an hour or so tonight, and he gave me a tour of his mall as well as a residential hotel that he and Gazza will be running.

Once the building is complete, you will be able to rent apartments or a penthouse. But for now, they are focusing on getting the mall ready to open for business as soon as possible.

And to those of you that have been frustrated at the system hair and newbie skin- don’t worry. There are a lot of free items in the sandbox areas, so you can dress your avatar up a little bit more until we start getting loads of big name skin and clothing designers onto the OL grid.

Hey, it sure beats the Ruth shape.

I will have many more pictures and stories for you in the next couple of days. But for now, I wanted to get this information out, while its fresh.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on November 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Economy On Its Way To OpenLife”

  1. Just bear in mind a couple things. Right now Openlife has a tiny, tiny staff. When the shit hits the fan, especially when they do get an economy, they are going to have severe growing pains. It’s just impossible to avoid.

    Secondly, and I can’t verify this in any way yet, supposedly their physics engine is still buggy with weird prim issues going on at times. I don’t know this to be fact and I’ll be trying it out. I’m too tired to deal with the “how the f@@#$@ do i do this?” tonight and their web site is horrendous for information, but maybe tomorrow I’ll try logging in and playing around with building and attachments, which supposedly prim attachments have issues. No, not THAT kind of attachments, you perverts.

    Just bear in mind they still have a really rough time ahead of them. If they do ramp up, then they still have to get financing, hire a shitload of people, and learn to communicate and be a company just like LL is still trying to learn. You can’t run a hugely popular, scaleable VW with a handful of people. I also honestly don’t see how they can not be losing money on sims at $85 per sim unless they just don’t have the load on them yet. Just from looking at the price of dedicated hosting for LESS intensive services tells me that can’t fly forever.

    Just some thoughts. I’m sure they are good, enthusiastic people, but it takes a shitload of money and smart people to scale a virtual world, and I don’t have confidence that they have either of those in the quantity they’ll need if they actually start getting pounded on like LL’s grid does.

  2. I agree with you, Radar. As it is, once you get even three people on a sim, there starts to be very bad lag issues. Scripts don’t work. Prims usually detatch after each time you log off. You crash a lot.

    This is not the place to go if you aren’t in a good mood and have a LOT of patience. And its going to get a thousand times worse before it gets any better. Personally, I am not looking at OpenLife as an permanent alternative to Second Life. I’m just looking at OpenLife as a fun place to explore, watch develope, and blog about all the steps along the way.

  3. they should be taking it much much slower then it looks like they are, but i do wish them good luck as well. i had no idea they were planning on drastic changes this fast. (very informative stuff nika)

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