I Was Only Trying To Help!

You know how sometimes you mean well.. but no matter how hard you try to improve a situation, the worse it gets? Well, that happened to me last night. Sorta. 😉

Last night, Keeme was driving around Podcast Island in the General Lee. I found him idling on a corner, and tried talking to him. No response. After trying to get his attention for several minutes, I gave up and went back to the excellent Grid Wide Ghosthunt that everyone’s been doing. An hour or so later, I came back to check on him. He was still in the same spot, not answering. Turns out, he had fallen asleep. Remember my recent post about how he ‘kidnapped me’? Well, it was payback time.

Er.. I mean I was just trying to help him by moving him to a safer spot! You know.. so he wouldn’t get hit by another car or anything. Right?

I really just wanted to push him up to the top of the bridge, so when he came back he’d find himself in a completely different area. That was my intention, at least. Unfortunately, the bridge turned out to be a lot more steep than it looked.. and his car was heavy!

Now things were starting to get bad! I just wanted him at the top of the bridge.. but his car was sliding over the edge. The more I tried to ‘save him’, the worse things were getting. Even when I tried to build a series of ramps to get him out.

In the end, sadly.. I was unable to save my partner. All I could do was stand back and survey the damage. And then run away before he wakes up!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on October 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Was Only Trying To Help!”

  1. Tag you are it :p :

  2. ROTFLMAO … that was great!

  3. LMAO!! Oh man. That’s too funny!

  4. NIKA! You’ve been taught well. Did you know that there is a drawbridge by the treehouse? All you would have had to have done was “click the road” and “bubble, bubble, bubble”. I’m sure Keeme would’ve been very safe at the bottom of the sea. 🙂

  5. Hmmmm I just found out about all this… we shall see

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