Dare To Dream

Well, its been a few weeks now that Keeme and I have been on the road. (http://simcrossing.wordpress.com/)  We’ve been having a lot of fun, and exploring some really cool places. We’ve been following Rt 7 that runs through Linden Land for awhile now. Everytime we come to an ending point for the night, I save that location as a landmark, and I wait there for him before continuing any further. I have the most fun exploring when he’s here with me, and we’re seeing it for the first time together.

Sometimes though, I’ll get the urge to explore when he might not be around. Usually thats when I’ll ‘profile hop’, by clicking on the picks in people’s profiles to see where it takes me. Sometimes I’ll just open the map and click at random. Using the map usually doesn’t work very well, though. Most of the time it’ll either be an invalid location, a store, or some ugly section of mainland surrounded by ad farms. But a couple of days ago, I hit the jackpot..

As soon as I rezzed in at the landing point, I saw that this area looked interesting. It seemed to be a campsite. Nearby, a panther prowled around a campfire with a ring of rocks to sit on, and a cooking pot. A large tent and a gypsy caravan stood nearby. Just beyond that, a brick pathway led up the side of a moutain. I ventured just a little bit further to see if this whole sim was like this, or just a small area. The more I looked around, the cooler this place seemed to be. I resisted the temptation to look any further, and instead saved a landmark and left, so I could wait for Keeme.

We came back several hours later, and started looking around. This whole place was very well put together. It seemed like whoever built this sim put a lot of thought and effort into it. I thought everything was so beautiful. But rather than keeping my viewer set to mid day, I decided it would probably be even more beautiful if I set it to my favorite sky preset that I made for myself. The sapphire blue sky with all the twinkling stars looked stunning here. Keeme and I were on voice chat, and I kept gasping at how pretty everything was. At the bottom of the mountain there is a place you can click to rez a couples poseball that will let you climb up together. Keeme got a phonecall just as we reached the top of the mountain. I snapped a picture of him when he was away- it looks like I’m holding him up, LOL.

From the rocky path that circles the top of the mountain, you can see the rest of the sim stretched out below. On one side stands a huge house, where the five people who created this land call home.

I really thought this might have been a roleplay sim, or perhaps something based after a book or movie. Its so well detailed, it seemed like it must be a part of something. I was looking everywhere for a sign or notecard that might explain what this was for. After talking to one of the sim owners, I eventually found out that its simply a place for them to share and live. There seems to be no real purpose other than simply being beautiful.

Every inch of this sim has something pretty or interesting to look at. They did not leave a single area plain or unfinished. In fact, it seems to still be a work in progress as I’m seeing a couple of new things added just in the past two nights. Somewhere on the west side of the sim, they’ve decorated for Halloween. There is a mausoleum and a small graveyard with spooky sounds. But as I commented to Keeme, they even managed to make the cemetary pretty.

Dare To Dream is a joint effort between QTblondie Beaumont, Bob Taov, Claudy Yalin, Mhitsel Kappler, and Hilby Yalin. I still have not quite figured out if this place is a private sanctuary for the five people who built it, or if its meant to be enjoyed by everyone. I sent each of them a notecard telling them how much I enjoyed what they’ve done here, and asking what it was, exactly. All five of them received their notecards, but none responded. So I’m guessing its just a place that they’ve created, and they don’t necessarily have anything to promote. I did run into QTblondie last night, though. She seemed friendly, and explained that this is just their home. But she made no indication that it was not open to the public. In fact, there are little things around the sim that give me the impression that its meant to be enjoyed by all. They have a small wedding chapel thats really pretty. And a 7 Seas fishing area by some docks near the cemetary. From that, I will assume that anyone can come here. But please do respect their privacy, and treat this as their home. I stay clear of the house, and keep my wanderings to the more open areas outside. There is a lot more to see out there, anyway. 😉

Another thing that I noticed is the abundance of poseballs. They are everywhere! There are many different poseballs for couples, as well as singles. And not just the regular static poses, either. These are the really nice animated ones that last a couple of minutes. Its a perfect spot to come with that special someone, and maybe get some nice photos or profile pictures.

It was because of all the group poseballs that I originally thought this might be some sort of RP sim. The campfire near the landing point has seating for almost 20, and the tent next to it sleeps 11. And I just love the gypsy caravan, its so cute! Its pretty small inside so it was hard to get a picture. If you come to look around, make sure you stop to peek inside.

Next to the house are some stables, with horses and chickens inside. (Sometimes the chickens will lay a golden egg, although clicking on it doesn’t seem to do anything, so I guess its just for fun). There is a horse pen outside, where several more horses graze.

As you can see, every bit of this sim was very well thought out. If you like to explore, I highly recommend coming here to look around. I just love it here, and find it a relaxing place to idle when I’m working in other windows.

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/DareToDream/224/57/26


~ by Nika Dreamscape on October 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dare To Dream”

  1. Great Report

  2. I took a visit, it’s very nice as ur report. thanks for the report!

  3. I had live for one year in Sl and never..never saw before a place like this..in the sunset or in the nigth…is really fantastic.Thanks so much for let me visit….I feel alive here..blow kisses to QTblondie Beaumont, Bob Taov, Claudy Yalin, Mhitsel Kappler, and Hilby Yalin.

  4. 10-04-2009 DARE2DREAM will be taken OFFLINE !!

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