Over And Out

Today was a particularly long and draining day, both emotionally and physically. This was to be our final day at our home in Nowhereville, with the big send off/going away party this evening. Keeme wrote an extremely sweet and thoughtful post on his blog the other day, and I just want to stress that although yes I am sorry that we’re leaving, I really AM happy and excited about this adventure. I feel honored and happy that Keeme is allowing me to come along with him, since this is his blog project. And I want to point out (to put his own mind at ease, if anything) that we aren’t leaving just because we have to. We have had countless offers from our friends of places to stay. I’m so humbled and touched to say that we have such wonderful friends! But no, we’re leaving because we want to do this. And it probably won’t be forever, I imagine someday down the road, we may be able to settle somewhere again, and yet still go traveling and exploring so Keeme can write about it on his blog.

That being said, it is still sad to leave our home. This morning when I logged on, I spent some time at the house, watching the sun rise as I had my morning coffee. Since we were going to have the party this evening, I really wanted to try and fix up the area next to the house like a hobo camp, and have plenty of places to sit and cool things like pup tents, junkwagons, milk crates to sit on, firepits, etc. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to catch a terrible cold the other day thats been kicking my ass. So I never quite managed to get the area set up. Keeme logged in a couple of hours early, which ended up working out for the best. We used that time to have for ourselves.. dancing a final time in the piano room.. Sometimes talking. Sometimes, just quietly sharing the view and the moments together.

When the time did come for the party to start, I was very pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up! I want to thank each and every one of you who showed up! We had a lot of fun, and it was great to get to spend time with everyone at the house. Keeme was the DJ for the night, which I always love.

Things begin to wind down fairly early, as it started to get late on the East coast. That ended up working out for the best, because it really gave Keeme and I some extra time at the end of the night to pack up the house, and take things down. Yes, it was very sad for both of us. I stayed on chat, because I was sad. But Keeme was on voice the whole time, and despite the circumstances, still made me laugh constantly even as we took down the house. What made this extra special was.. rather than just walking through and deleting/taking everything in a few minutes, it ended up taking us close to two hours. We spent some time in the hammock in our back yard, just relaxing. Then we finally went inside. Starting upstairs, and going through each room one at a time, we took our time in removing everything. A single painting, candle or rug at a time.. always leaving our favorite pieces for last. Its funny how sentimental a certain room or even piece of furniture can be. But some things were harder to take back to inventory than others.

The piano room was my favorite room. It was the largest in the house, and one that we spent a lot of time decorating together, and collaborating on ideas. It was one of the best gathering spots in the house for its extra space, and the beautiful view of Edloe and Nowhereville.

We saved the living room for the very last. Keeme is right- out of the whole house, this room felt the most like ‘home’. Its where we spent the most time, and it just seemed to ‘click’ with both of us. We took extra long to take this room down.. with the couch being the last piece to go, after we sat and talked for quite awhile.

After the house was completely cleared, we went into the backyard and lay down in the hammock again. From there, we took turns deleting sections of the house. Piece by piece. His turn, then mine. Then his again. Until eventually, there was nothing left.

After it was all gone, we took down the hammock and remaining plants. Stood there and looked at the land for a couple of minutes. Then we launched our raft and sailed the canal between Nowhereville/Los Arboles and Edloe/Woodbridge. Thats where our journey offically began. 🙂 Once we reached the end of the sim, we hopped over to the very beginning of Route 7, which is our starting point for the trek across Second Life. We explored for a little while, side by side on our bikes, with Fricken in the basket. This made our night end on a really fun and positive note. New beginnings can be a lot of fun, and we’re ready to see all the things that are out there waiting to be discovered. From now on, wherever we end up is home, until the next day when we start to travel again.

As we’ve said, you’ll still see plenty of us. Be it at open mics, podcaster or plurk parties.. Woodbridge is still our favorite spot for fishing! And you can follow Keeme’s blog to read about the places we explore: http://simcrossing.wordpress.com/

See you on the road!

Take an open road
I’ve come to see you again
Was time to leave it all behind us

Travelin’ across the sky
Chasin’ one more endless night
To another place in time where we all meet…


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Over And Out”

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. I’m sorry I missed your party & never made it over to visit you in Nowhereville, but I look forward to reading about your new adventures. “May the wind be always at your back.”

  2. Sorry I missed you – I didn’t get the message until many hours until after the party was over… but of course look forward to hearing what you do next.

  3. I can only imagine the mixed emotions of sadness and excitement you must have been feeling, though you expressed them so clearly in this touching post.

    I stumbled upon the Sim Crossing blog quite by accident the other day and – thinking it would be an interesting read – added it to my blogroll. Today I find this post and realized the link between the two. Life is always full of such odd little synchronicities like that, isn’t it? Yet it’s always for a reason, and the journey you & Keeme are about to embark upon reminds me *so* much of the rl cross-country trek I and my first love took on, and the great adventures we had, back in 1997. I have a feeling that reading Sim Crossing will be not only entertaining but nostalgic and I’m very much looking forward to it.

    I wish you both the best of luck on this amazing journey and can’t wait to read about the adventures you find together.

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