Good Friends

I know I have already said a few times how blessed I am to have the friends that I do. But I wanted take a moment and thank both Crap Mariner and Hope Clary for helping me out. 🙂

Crap runs the Clocktower on Edloe, a music venue with some art gallery space. He’s generously offered to let me put up some of my art there, so people can maybe look while they’re at one of the concerts. I installed some of my work this morning, on the two levels above the venue space. But you can just as easily camera through the ceiling to see them, so you never have to leave the actual show. 🙂

DJ Xax will be there tonight at 5pm SLT, and tomorrow night will be DJ Gospeed Racer at 5pm SLT. And Lyndon Heart on Thursday at 7pm- I haven’t heard him in awhile! I’m going to try to start making it to more of these shows. Now that we’ve moved, I don’t want to start losing touch with all the people I’ve become such good friends with.

Slurl to the Clocktower:

Hope Clary has also been great, through this. She lives on Edloe across the channel from where Keeme and I used to live, and it was really nice having her as a neighbor. She hated to see us go, so she offered us some space in her attic that we can use to store things, change clothes or just hang out, with a 200 prim ‘allowance’! That was really sweet of her, and I am taking her up on the offer because there are a few things I really need to keep rezzed in world. Mainly my Onrez and SLX boxes. Plus, I JUST bought a 7 Seas aquarium about a week before the decision to move. I was really disappointed because I had hoped to get more into fishing and be able to start collecting some of the rare fish and keep them in the tank. Plus, its nice to have a little space to decorate. Crap even built us a secret trapdoor so we can get in and out of the attic. I haven’t got anything in there yet but my SLX/Onrez boxes and the fishtank, but soon I think I’ll put down a rug or two and maybe some cushions. 🙂 Thanks, Hope!

While its a shame that Keeme and I won’t have land for the house anymore, we DO still have an option if we ever feel really homesick and just want to see the place, even if its just for a little while. Thanks to Itazura Radio’s Rezzhud, we can still launch ‘Crime House’ for a short time wherever we might find land with build and scripts enabled. (And plenty of prims). Despite the jokes, I really don’t like doing this a whole lot so I try go sparingly on the Crime House appearances.

98% of the furniture we had in the house on Nowhereville can’t be used with the rezzhud because any item added to a rezzhud scene HAS to be copy (because it rezzes a copy of the object, not the original) and mod (so you can place a script inside). Because of this, we can’t really use our nicer furniture so it won’t ever look like ‘home’. BUT, I had an idea last night that I’m very happy about. One of the last things I did before we started to take down the house was to take carefully centered pictures out all of our windows. The idea was to build prims outside all of the windows of the crime house, and then put the matching photos on them as textures.. so from the inside, it’ll still look like we are back home on Nowhereville. I really wasn’t sure if this would work or not.. so earlier, I rezzed the crime house and tried it out with the living room window.

Success! A little piece of home we can take with us, wherever we go. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “Good Friends”

  1. you guys need to do unexpected crime house rezzings on film and post them… plurk about them 5 minutes prior and see if anyone can find you.. don’t say WHERE.. hehehe

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