Sometimes, we’re all faced with the challenge of making difficult decisions. It becomes necessary at times to find the balance between what we want to do, and what we should do. In the cases where you have to make a tough choice like that, the best thing you can do is make the best of the situation. Maybe you can even turn it into something positive.

Recently, I posted about the economy and how it gets hard to justify spending money on things you don’t really need to have. There was one big choice I was faced with, and something I had to take a very hard look at.

7 days. Thats how much time Keeme and I will have left at our home in Nowhereville. We spent the past week or so doing a lot of talking and thinking about things.. and we decided that now is not the best time to be shelling out extra money on tier in Second Life, when things in real life are kind of tight. Yes, its been an extremely hard decision. I’ll be honest when I say that I get that tight feeling in my throat and my vision gets all blurry when I think about all the great memories we’ve built there, over the past couple of months.

Everyone has been great. It was amazing to get to be a part of the community. It really gave me the chance to make some new friends, and get to know some of the ones I already had, even better.

It was so much fun having people stop by, leaving stuff at our house when we all pranked each other, funny memories like the Marshmallow Man attacking Nowhereville and Edloe, the naked newbie invasion.. so many things. These were some of the best weeks I’ve had since I joined Second Life, and I’m thankful for every moment and every memory.

But the situation is bittersweet, just like the title of this post. While on one hand its sad that we are leaving, there is a silver lining to that cloud. You see, Keeme has been kicking around the idea about starting a Second Life blog for quite some time, now. But he couldn’t quite decide what which direction he wanted to take, with it. This sudden change gave him the greatest idea- his new blog is going to be about traveling through Second Life, and exploring this virtual world. He’s letting me come with him as he documents the journey on his blog, Sim Crossing. He already has a couple of posts up, so go take a look!

We’re taking a very tongue in cheek approach to this, traveling as hobos across the grid. As I put it- ‘rags to riches, to rags’. While I’m sad to be leaving Nowhereville, I’m very excited to be going on this grid-wide exploration with Keeme, and more than happy that he’s letting me tag along. πŸ™‚ We’ve already explored a few places, and you can read all about that on his blog. But the journey officially begins a week from now. On Tuesday, September 30th, we will be packing up the house and all of our belongings on Nowhereville, and then hitting the road with Fricken.

And in case anyone was wondering- yes, I will definitely still be doing the Second Homes blog. Thats my passion! I love doing it, and I don’t plan on stopping even though we’re about to be homeless. I think its a touch of funny irony anyway, to be doing a blog about everything homes and furniture in Second Life, while we’re backpacking across the map.

Anyway.. I want to thank all of you for being so great, and for all the wonderful times we’ve had. I won’t forget them. And a special thanks to you, Crap Mariner. You have been a true friend.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “Bittersweet”

  1. Me and GoSpeed are sad to see you go 😦 Seems like you just moved in. You’re always welcome to come back and visit, stay, or raid the fridge. Bring your own lobster please!

  2. I can’t wait to read all about your adventures! And, if you ever need a place to come just be away from everything, my land is always open.

  3. ah i lived with lucas as a hobo for a while.. it was actually kinda fun… we would stay in our favourite snuggle sim and build on friends’ land

  4. Rats, now I won’t have a handy place to park my “Kong on Empire” anymore!
    All changes are good though. You’ll have grand adventures and then come to another home down the road.
    It’s all good.

  5. If you ever need a couch to crash on, don’t bother knocking on Kat’s door… πŸ™‚

    You’ll always be our neighbors!

  6. I’ve always got room for hobos on my land, just let me know, so I can not clean up the place ahead of time. πŸ˜‰

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