Economic Crisis

Times have been tough out there in the real world, for awhile now. Most likely, wherever you are at in life, you are probably affected to some extent. Between gas prices, companies closing or laying people off, the cost of groceries are increasing. Everytime I look at the news, I see headlines about it.

For the most part, I’ve been more or less treading water when it comes to staying afloat through all of this. But its been getting tougher, and I’m beginning to backslide. After a conversation with some family members last weekend, I realized that its time for me to re-evaulate some things in my life. The first thing I need to do is cut back on some unnecessary expenses. Not that I have very much to begin with.. I really don’t spend money on myself. But there are some things I need to think about.. like the land I own in SL.

Something else I plan on doing is to stop spending all my Lindens, and try to start earning more and cashing them out. This is one area I know nothing about.. I have a paypal account connected to my SL account, but it won’t let me buy or sell Lindens. I don’t know if its a mistake somewhere in my banking info on the paypal side, or what the problem is. I don’t know how selling Linden dollars works, but thats something I want to talk to a couple of people about, and try to get things figured out.

As it stands right now, I figure I probably pull in enough within SL to pay one of my bills.. if I can stop spending! Thats the biggest problem. I’m realizing already what a shopping addiction I have, as I notice how many times I day I think ‘oh, I really want to go buy a new dance at Sine Wave, I’m tired of the four I have’. Or a new outfit. Or something for the house. Or twenty other things that I suddenly feel like I HAVE to have. I unsubscribed to all the fashion feeds so I won’t be tortured by the latest Dutch Touch release (omg that new blouse is so cute!!), or whatever the latest at Armidi happens to be. I guess I need to start thinking about going back to my old days of watching the freebie blogs, and lucky chairs.. (Zaara is going to be my new hangout).

All this time I’ve been keeping my art at S&S Gallery only, and have been exclusive to them. I feel guilty about the decision, but I think I need to start joining more galleries. I need to find other skills.. maybe learn to build things to sell on Onrez, or try learning how to DJ. Of course, this is just all the stuff I want to do in-world. I will be also looking at other ways to make some extra money outside of SL, as well..

Its going to be a change, and change is difficult. But hopefully, it’ll work out somehow.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Economic Crisis”

  1. Good luck to you! I remember when I first started selling things in SL.. I never thought business would ever take off, but once you get a first hint of success, you put more time into it, nuture it and let it grow.

    An SL business can be tough to get started but have belief in yourself, in what you make, and always keep trying to improve and innovate, and you won’t go wrong! 🙂

  2. Nika, have you tried to buy and sell L$ through SLexchange? I use SLX to buy L$ all the time (never tried going through LL) and I’ve had no problems. I use Paypal for this and it has worked fine.

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