Sept. 11th- Voices For The Fallen Event

Tomorrow morning at 5:46am SLT, a list of 2,974 names will be read of the victims who lost their lives in the Sept. 11th attacks. I was unable to even finish writing that sentance before the tears came to my eyes.

The list of names was split up and distributed to many SL residents to read and record, including most if not all of the podcasters from It was also sent out to other bloggers, artists, musicians, etc. The recordings were returned, and will be played back at the World Trade Center sim tomorrow morning, starting at the time when the first plane hit the tower on Sept. 11th, 2001. The reading will begin at 5:46am SLT and is expected to run for about three hours, after which will be a moment of silence and then a dedication to the  FDNY Memorial Wall.

Here is the slurl:

Schedule of events:

5:15am SLT – Gather at the World Trade Center Memorial, ceremony begins

5:46am SLT (8:46am Eastern) –  Reading of the names of all 2974 victims of the terrorist attacks commences.

~8:50am SLT –  Long moment of silence after the last name is read.

9am SLT – Dedication of new FDNY Memorial Wall.

3pm SLT – A special dance of remembrance and renewal with DJ Jonas Lunasea.  Formal attire requested.

I know this is going to be early in the morning and on a work day, but I am strongly hoping that as many of you will show up as possible. Especially the people who were asked to read from the list of names. Thursday is a normal work day for me.. but I have been taking Sept. 11th as a personal sick day every year since 2001. Tomorrow I will get up at my usual time for work.. call in sick, and then TP over to the WTC sim and stay there for the duration of the event.

If you are able to be home tomorrow.. please set your alarms and try to get in world so you can attend this event. Every one of the 2, 974 lives that were lost were not just ‘people’. They were somebodies Mom, child, husband, best friend.. They were an important part of the lives of the family members left behind.. And they will always represent something to our country. Its worth it to be there, to pay our respects and remember the people that were lost.


I hope to see all of you there.

Nika Dreamscape


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 11, 2008.

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