Missing Friends

I’ve already caught up on the blog posts waiting for me in my Google reader, and now I find myself with a little bit of extra time to kill during lunch. I’m in the mood to blog, so I suppose I’ll try. But don’t you hate it when you have the urge to write, but no specific topic in mind? As bloggers, do some of you feel obligated to make your posts more relevant or find something meaningful to write about? Sometimes I’d rather just open the page and write about whatever comes to mind. But so many of my friends come up with such significant and thought provoking posts, I wish I could be more like that.

Speaking of friends, I find myself really missing some of mine. I remember when I first started out in SL, I would spend almost all of my time standing on the airship on Podcast Island. That was my homebase/landing spot, because it gave me a great vantage point to see the whole island and know who was coming and going. Thats how I ended up meeting most of the original friends I’ve made.. most of the podcasters, and some of the bloggers. At any given time, if I was in world, you could either find me on the airship or at the Pickle Stage. Later I moved my landing spot to the rooftop of the I Love Books building, but I never really went far.

As time went by, I started to figure out my place in the metaverse. I started blogging, then doing art. Eventually, I moved on to becoming a podcaster myself, which I’m extremely proud of. Keeme and I moved over to Nowhereville, which is wonderful. I later joined Plurk, then started up my Second Homes blog, which keeps me extraordinarily busy and is more fulfilling than I can say. I’ve been meeting new people and making a lot of new friends, and having a blast.

My Second Life is evolving, and there is no mistake that its for the better. I’m having a good time, making some great friendships, spending more time with Keeme and getting to know him even better, developing my skills and interests.

But through all of that, there’s one thing that has changed that I’m not happy about. I don’t see enough of some of my original friends from SL and Podcast Island, some of the very first people I met. Mainly, Radar and Chugabug. I know everyone is busy with their own things, and sometimes we tend to let weeks slip by without so much as a hello. But I notice when I see those names pop up in my friends list, and even if we don’t talk, its nice to know they’re around. And when I don’t see the names logging on and off quite so often, I notice that as well.

I miss you guys, and hope all is well!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Missing Friends”

  1. What she said

  2. Thanks, you guys. It means a lot to hear that from “youse guys”. It’s the ebb and flow of life, I guess.. I’ve been worn out, busy, etc.. actually been getting some sleep lately (except last night) and it’s amazing what a difference it makes at work.

    A lot of my own problem is that I reached a saturation point where always being online and accessible was really getting to me, in combination with work. I find myself wanting downtime offline (where offline means not in skype or SL) and so that’s what I’ve been doing.

    I also seem to be seeing more comments on plurk that seem like people get upset if you remind them they aren’t actually their avatar and/or they are getting so wrapped up in it they would dump RL and only live in SL if possible, and it just reinforces to me that people need to keep some perspective and keep their heads on straight regarding SL.

    I miss spending as much time with everyone too. But the downtime has really helped me mentally relax, and unwind. It means that when I do come in-world, Im going to be less stressed and in a better mood and able to either have more fun, get more “work” done, or both. In other words, feel energized instead of burnt out.

  3. Wow, “tug on my heart strings” why don’tcha? It’s been a real pleasure meeting people like yourselves, and, you guys can IM me anytime you like, I hope you know that. 🙂

  4. For the record I really miss Y’all and the time I was able to spend in SL for the first half of 08. But with job changes (like getting a real one!) and some RL things I have to take care of I just can’t be in SL much. For now anyway. I’m viewing my scarcity as temporary till I get things handled and settled. My SL plans aren’t abandoned, just held up.
    Know this; Even though you don’t see much of me, I use you folks, you know who you are, to help get through the hitch. (My work is away from home)
    I’ll have an SL capable laptop one day which should help while on the away missions.
    So the short version is: Thanks for being there!

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