Profile Jumping

I heard someone use this term, recently. I wish I could remember who coined the phrase, but I think I saw it on a plurk post, somewhere. The person said that one way they liked to explore SL was to open people’s profiles and click on things in their picks. I was thinking about that today at work, and thought it might be fun to try. Not only as a means of exploring, but also to document the places I end up, here on my blog. This is what I plan to do.. I’m going to open the map and click on the largest group of dots I see. When I TP in, I’ll take a picture and post it here. Maybe I’ll describe where I’m at, if its something cool. Then I’ll open the profile of a random person, and click on the very first thing they have listed in their picks. No matter what it is, or where it leads me. 🙂 This journey could end up being quite an adventure. Or, it could fizzle out after just a few minutes if I hit dead end profiles. Consider this a nudge to those of you reading.. please put things in your profile picks! It really is a good way to introduce people to some interesting places. I have a feeling this experiment will end up with me either in retail shops, a sex club, or just staring at an empty picks list or a list of friends/partners. But we’ll see. I’m hoping to keep this chain going as long as possible, so here goes.

My starting point turned out to be Sun Microsystems Public Sandbox. I arrived on a desolote looking stretch of sand, with not a whole lot around. Nearby was an interesting avatar that reminded me of Monet from Brooklyn is Watching. I decided I’m not going to mention avatar names in this blog post, but this person is clearly an alt. He or she is busily building, and cycling through some really interesting avatars. Yet the account was created today, and the profile is completely empty.

Luckily, my trip didn’t dead end quite so suddenly. There is a group of people off in the distance, so I camera’d over and clicked on the most interesting one, a furry. The profile looked promising, at first. He had a profile picture, has been around since early 2007 and had lots of interesting groups. Unfortunately, the only place listed in picks was the very sandbox I’m already at. So, I’m moving on to the next person. Luckily, he has several things listed in his profile. They look to be mostly retail, as I suspected. I’ve noticed a lot of stores putting up signs offering payment or special items for listing them in their picks, so I’m not surprised. But hey.. I like shopping too, so I may find some neat stores out of this. 😉

I’ve landed at Harmony Mall and House rentals. I’m happy to see several people here, which means I should be able to keep moving. Although this seems to be mostly camping and shopping, the courtyard is pretty.

I lingered here for awhile, looking around. The store at the landing point was your typical newbie area.. camping, lucky chairs, bad merchandise. Inside was a small group of people, that I mistook for gorean women. They appeared to be kneeling in a circle near a man who was standing close by, and I was afraid my next TP would put me at a Gorean sim. But drawing closer, I saw that they were actually campers, gathered around a camping ‘bong’. Thats a new one, on me. I grabbed a profile and continued on to explore a little bit more, before my next stop. I found an art gallery across the courtyard, with some nice work by Elin Egoyan. At first I was going to stick by my rules.. first TP point on a picks list, and then only taking a picture of the first thing I see from the landing point. But I believe I’ll rethink that. There may be some more interesting things to find beyond that first glance, and that may make for a better blog post. So, on that note..  

Pretty.. But, its time to continue on. By the way, reading the profiles is just as much fun as TPing to these different places. I’m hoping to stumble across a new blog or two, before this is done.

My next stop brought me to a place called Scorpios. I’m not sure yet what this is.. it appears to be a beach area, and there are a lot of people standing around. They all have the Scorpios group tag on. But no one is speaking, or moving. And it doesn’t appear to be camping, either.. beyond a rooftop, I can see the upper mast of a pirate ship…. Ahh, but there IS camping. I didn’t notice the sign at first, or it just hadn’t rezzed. But when I turned back around, it all made sense.

At least it looks nice, here. But its time to start checking profiles, again. Hopefully I can pull out of this cycle of camping and retail spots, but I blame it all on that first avatar. Put something cool in your picks, people! 😉

Seeing this next pick gave me pause. You know it was BOUND to happen. My knee jerk reaction was, hell no! I won’t go to THIS place, of all places in SL. I’ve seen enough of these people running around my house and the island I live on, lately. The bane of my existance, in SL. But I’m determined to see this through to the end.. so I hope to get in and out as quickly as possible, and on to a better place. Next stop..

Free Sex Empire. *Sigh* Maybe I’ll run into my friends, Austin, Tracybobacy, 2Pak or Crystel, here. Don’t worry, I snapped a picture fast before anything rezzed, haha.

Well, almost anything..

Ok, I admit. I cheated just a little bit. But I’d rather be on a path of camping zones than a tour of SL’s sexclub industry. So I bypassed a profile or two to get out of that rut. And thankfully, no one tried to talk to me in the two or three minutes I was at that place. It seemed pretty ridiculous anyway.. people standing around with their attachments on, hopping onto poseballs to wait expectantly (hopefully) for someone (anyone!) to join them. I quickly clicked, and got myself out of there.

And now I’m at Aitui, Tattoo and Fashion for men. This is a really nice looking store, although I haven’t heard of it before. Its mostly empty, which is a shame.. I guess men don’t go shopping, much.

 At first I was alone, and thought this might be the end of the road for me. But a few people have shown, so maybe I can continue after all.. One of the profiles does have some picks listed. So I click the teleport button..

And arrive at Lionskins- handpainted skins for women. I’m hoping this is one of those places where you can buy the skins that have tiger or cheetah markings painted on. TheDiva Rockin has something like that, I believe. And I think they look really cool. I don’t see myself ever getting anything like that, but who knows.. if they have demos, I might pick one up, just to see what it looks like. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the place. They do have some striking eye makeup on some of the skins, but not anything I feel like grabbing a demo for.

I really thought that was going to be the last stop, for sure. The store was empty. In fact, the whole sim was empty. There were, however, two dots on the neighboring sim. Does that count as cheating? .. Nah! I camera’d over. One was an empty picks list. The other, was not. And this one should be interesting!

The Yiff Factory. At first I was a little bit hesitant. I haven’t crossed paths with furries very often, and I especially haven’t been to any furry clubs. But after thinking about it, I realized this could be pretty interesting, and fun. Am I even allowed inside? I really don’t know. Hopefully I won’t get kicked out immediately, or be mistaken for a griefer if someone hears my camera. Only one way to find out.

At first I thought  I wasn’t even going to be allowed entry. The teleporter beams wouldn’t work for me, at all. I fiddled with them for a few minutes and was about to give up, when a furry that was going inside stopped to point me in the right direction. I thanked him, and finally found my way inside. I arrived on a platform, overlooking the black and neon blue club below. Right away I noticed that a lot of them are in voice, talking about cartoons and tv shows and doing impersonations. Its making me grin to listen to them. Thats one thing I’ve noticed about furries, in general. They always seem to be a really happy bunch, when they’re together. Around non-furries, they tend to be quiet and keep to themselves, for the most part. The atmosphere here is warm and friendly. And yet, I feel too shy and self-concious to even think about going down to join them.

I don’t think they’ve noticed me yet, and I’m curious to know if I wandered in among them.. would the happy banter stop? Would they be like, ‘oh, whats this human doing here?’ It brings to mind another blog post I’ve been thinking about writing for months, now. And maybe I’ll have to do that, soon. As much as I’d like to know what would happen if I DID go down into the main club, they’re having so much fun, I really don’t want to risk disrupting them. I don’t want to be mistaken for a griefer, or to put a damper on anyone’s night. Even if I sat quietly by myself, I have a feeling that my being there would change the atmosphere. I think I will come back here sometime, and do that blog post I’ve been contemplating. For now.. I think I’ll let this be my last stop for the night. I think this was a lot of fun, and this feels like a great ending point.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Profile Jumping”

  1. That’s a really cool idea Nika. I’m also a profile junkie in that I like to read other’s profiles around me. I’ve often found places to go, stores to visit, or even some good thoughts and quotes. Might be interesting to try this out myself sometime and see where all it leads me.

  2. that is a cool idea, I’m going to have to try it sometime. Maybe I can find new places to explore. 🙂

  3. Cool blog post. I do this every once in a while too when I am bored except I call it “profile surfing”. I usually don’t have to surf for long before I find a place that catches my interest and makes me want to stay and check it out in detail.

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