Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Rezzables charging an admission to enter their Greenies and Black Swan sims. This first came up a few weeks ago when Rezzables created the new policy. Rezzables has always been one of the leading builders of Sims in Second Life. I have personally been to at least three or four of their sims, and thought they were done extremely well. In my opinion, they are probably  among the best sims you could visit in SL. Many people have directed newbies to visit the Rezzable sims, since they are the best example of how great it can be to explore in Second Life.

So when the new rule was passed that you now have to purchase a ring or Greenies avatar to experience the sim, there was quite a bit of protesting. For the most part, I’ve been sitting back with a ‘wait and see’ attitude. I was curious to find out how serious Rezzables were about their new policy, or if they were mostly just testing the waters.

For the first few days, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this over the blogosphere.  Keeme and I discussed it a little bit on episode 12 of Diamonds and Rust. Then it got quiet for a little while. I don’t know what has changed in the last couple of days, but the discussion seems to have sparked up, again. Stuart Warf talked about it on his blog today, and Chugabug Goodnight added her own thoughts on episode 36 of SL Under The Radar

Since people have been talking about it again, I got curious enough to TP over to the Greenies sim and find out exactly what you see now, when you enter.

A ramp leads up to the portal that you use to enter the sim, and next to it stands a pedestal with the ring available for purchase. There is also a comment/guest book next to the sign offering the ring. I was curious to see what sort of feedback they were getting, so I clicked the guestbook in hopes that I could see some comments. Instead, I got a blue popup with the message:

“Your avatar is not currently validated with the Rezzable site. Would you like to link it to an existing account, or create a new one?”

I found myself disappointed, by that. I guess the Rezzables are really cracking down on the kind of feedback they are willing to receive. Maybe they were getting a lot of complaints or abusive comments, and want to monitor or restrict who is posting. I really don’t know. I didn’t bother to sign up to find out, and I wonder if many people do go to the trouble?  Stepping a little bit closer to the portal revealed the angry red letters proclaiming “NO ENTRY“. I wondered what method they were using to keep people out, but I assumed it would be a matter of teleporting to a certain area. I didn’t know they would use ban lines, which looks pretty tacky and not exactly a warm greeting to newcomers. Milling about the area were a handful of confused guests.

A few of them attempted to pass through the portal, but were knocked back by the ban lines. They wanted to know why they couldn’t go inside. I simply said, ‘you have to pay to get in.’ A couple seemed disappointed, and left. Another couple stood around for several minutes, probably talking in IM’s. Eventually, they did buy the ring and go inside. I don’t know how much traffic Greenies normally gets, because I have only been here once before- a few months ago. Currently, there are two people inside, enjoying themselves.

Aside from that, people come and go. But mostly, they go. There seems to be a slow but steady trickle of people arriving at the TP point, usually in groups of two or three. Most of them wander around the shop for a bit, or stand at the top of the ramp, looking inside. Sometimes they buy the ring and enter. But mostly, they fight the barricade for a bit and suddenly disappear so abruptly it makes me wonder if they are being ejected. As of right now, the Greenies sim stands empty. Except for the curious few, who seem to wonder if its worth the cost.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 29, 2008.


  1. I think it’s pretty sad, that they feel this is a good idea. There are so many other ways to make money, ask for donations, increase the prices of the stuff they sell in the store, but this just sucks.

  2. and i hope the rezzables learn a valuable lesson from this. that this is definitely not the way to go. i’ve boycotted rezzables completely (with the exception of things being held on their property like hair fair since that is not being put on by rezzables just hosted there) and it’s sad because rezzables used to be my favourite group of sims to go to. i’ve always trumpeted their great work and sent many friends to go see their sims. it’s a waste of good talent.

  3. instead of increasing the prices of the stuff in the store, they need to make stuff someone wants to buy. clearly, no one is.

    rezzables came in with a bang, threw up a lot of (mostly really nice) sims, apparently hoping someone would pay them to build sims for them, found out they wouldn’t, and then decided to charge for the greenies instead.

    it just seems stupid to keep noobs and other explorers without a ton of cash out over some piddly amount like 99L. Good luck with that, guys.

    How many 99L tolls do you have to get to pay for a monthly sim tier? if L$99 is roughly 38 cents, and monthly tier is $295, that’s 776 visitors a month paying the L$99. It’s possible that could happen. Maybe they looked at their traffic and figured they had enough to lose 80% of the visitors and still meet tier, I don’t know. How long that’s sustainable though is anyone’s guess.

  4. I think I must have been among the first covering it as I was surprised nobody else did before:

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