Treasure Hunt At Aimesi Designs

I got an excellent tip from my friend Quaintly today, that I’m really excited about. She told me that Aimesi Design furniture store is having a treasure hunt that runs from August 11th through August 15th. I would have posted this sooner, but I just found out! There are still a few days left though, so make sure you get over here quick so you can get all the prizes.

I had not been to this store yet, and I always love finding out about a new one to explore. This one has a very nice layout, and seems to be pretty good sized. This makes wandering around and looking for the treasure hunt items even more fun. I also see three lucky chairs near the landing spot. I love when stores have these- and I wish more would offer lucky chair prizes and freebies. I think its a good way to draw more people into your store, and encourages them to look around and look for other things they might like. Hopefully more home and furniture stores will follow in these footsteps.

When I first got here I walked around for a little bit to get a feel for the store, and ran into the owner, Mea Carnell. Usually I will just drop the designers a notecard to let them know about the blog before I feature a store. But since she was here, I introduced myself and told here what I would be doing. She was very friendly and helpful, and gave me a couple of notecards about Aimesi Designs and the treasure hunt. According to the card, this hunt consists of 15 white pyramids that you will found scattered throughout the store. They are in plain view and easy to see, so just walk around until you find them all. Across from the landing point is an example of the pyramid, so you know what to look for.

I love exploring a store for the first time as I write about it. It usually takes me several times as long and I end up taking WAY too many pictures, but its so much more fun to see it all for the first time, and write my responses as they come to me, and are fresh in my mind. I hadn’t gone very far into the store when I came across this couch..

I was really excited when I spotted it, because I’ve seen a picture of this couch in a blog somewhere, and really liked the design. I think its very creative looking, and I’m particularly drawn to earth tones. Unfortunatly, as much as I love this couch, the prim count is pretty steep at 41. I guess thats why it looks so nice. On the upside, this couch comes with 10 single poses and 5 cuddle poses- which is great! They also use the scripted pose technology so there are no visable pose balls to be seen. I’m noticing that more and more often lately, and I really like it. It makes the furniture look better, and I like how you can click the cushion to change poses. Also in her notecard, Mea mentioned that a lot of their furniture has the ability to change textures. Thats great for when you want to match it closer to the rest of the decor in your home.

My original plan was to go through and find all the treasture hunt prizes before  finished this blog post. But this is such a big store, I want to hurry and get this posted so people will have plenty of time before the deadline, to complete their search. I’ve found just about half of the hidden pyramids so far, but Mea did a good job at hiding them! They are a bit smaller than I expected, and many are tucked into corners or up against furniture. So, make sure you look closely! Its really a lot of fun.

I think for now, I’ll shift my focus to the store and furniture instead. As I mentioned before, Aimesi is a rather large store, so there is a lot of ground to cover. Another nice feature I came across is her pose scripted cushions and ground pillows. This is a neat way to accessorize your existing furniture and floor rugs, while at the same time adding some new poses to what you already have. These one prim sofa pillows come with 11 poses inside.

And the ground pillows have 12. I have  a white fur rug in front of my fireplace at home that only has one pose in it. I could easily get a nice pillow to match it as a great way to add several more.

There is an outdoors section that includes a lot of potted plants, pool and patio furniture. I am a little unclear on if the actual pool is for sale or not. I didn’t see a sign, but its possible that I missed it.

While looking around for the sign, I noticed something interesting beyond the swimming pool. A short distance away was another small building, with grungy looking furniture inside. I flew over to take a look, and see there is even a section of ‘urban/neko’ style furniture. Grungy was the wording used on the side and not my own, so that is in no way a knock against the furniture! I thought this was really neat and unique, I’m sure there are other stores made specifically for this style but I haven’t seen any yet. Kudos to Mea for making this option available at Aimesi.

This post is getting quite lengthy, already. Its such a big store, I can’t possibly cover it all in one entry- so you’ll have to come take a look for yourselves! Don’t forget to make it over here before the treasure hunt is over on Friday the 15th.

There is a subscribe-o-matic group available. The kiosk is near the desk at the landing point. Also, there is a blog for Aimesi Designs where you can find more information about the store and treasure hunt:



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