Update to Paradise Pets

I received a comment from Don Bricklin of Paradise Pets in the last article I wrote for them. But I thought what he had to say was really interesting, so I’m reposting it here so it won’t go overlooked. I think its really interesting how attached people can get to a virtual pet in Second Life. As I commented back to him earlier- we all know that these pets aren’t real. Yet at the same time, I guess in a sense they are as real as anything else in the world of Second Life. Its an interesting topic to ponder. Also, he mentions that there will be a new Unleased pet released soon that actually grows like the hatching turtles! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this, and I’ll post another update as soon as they are available. Now, here is Don’s comment.

Many of our pets have been created for someone who lost that pet in RL. I have story after story of people that have praised us for creating these pets because of the love they have received in owning them.

Even when it comes to upgrading a pet to a new revision some won’t do it because they feel that will not be their same pet. People with lost pets are determined to find THAT pet rather than have me send them another one in some cases. Because of these concerns, I have added “Pet Location Bracelets”, “Help Notecards on how to find lost pets”, “Notification IM’s both by Time or Region or Both”, and the ability to TP to your lost pet when it sends you the link.

Yes, we love to make pets at Paradise Pets that love you back. That’s what it is all about to us.

Shortly we will be releasing the first fully unleashed pet that grows from a baby the size of your hand to any size up to a huge pet that can be seen over a whole sim (thats fun to do with the black bear). We feel every pet should have babies and those babies should be able to grow.

Many pets also are owned by people who cannot have them in RL. For all these reasons we want them as real as we are able to make them. We are grateful SL provides the environment that allows us to do it.

Thank you again for this kind article about our pets. It encouraging and very much appreciated.

Don Bricklin & Deborah DeFarge
Paradise Pets


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 11, 2008.

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