Anpuli Island

It seems there is quite a selection of home freebies out there for the taking, if you just know where to look. Today I will be featuring Anpuli Island, where you can find just about any home furnishings you could possibly need, indoors and out. And lets not forget the freebies, which Roslyn Carter is quite generous with.

The first thing I need to mention about Anpuli Island, is that each month, Roslyn has a free gift available to her customers. The display is directly across from the landing point, when you arrive. Additionally, there is a row of nine lucky chairs next to the free gift display. The chairs are set to change letters every 3 minutes, and give out a nice assortment of furniture, fountains, lighting and clothing.

The store is huge, and one of my favorite places to shop because of the modern/contemporary style of the furniture. Not only that, but they have the coolest wall art, because its so interesting to look at. I love the mirrored framing in a lot of the work, and also the way its sectioned into panels. Roslyn also has quite a talent for matching the colors of her furniture to the art and accents, to bring it all together into some very eye catching displays. I just love the layout of the place.

On the first floor, you will find living room sets- couches, fireplaces and rugs, coffee and end tables, sculptures, lighting and armchairs.

On the second floor you will find bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room sections.  I hadn’t noticed the kitchen section before, but there are some cute, low prim displays.

When you go outside, you’ll find a large section of outdoor furniture that includes patio and pool sets. Again, a lot of the things you will find here are really unique and interesting. I love that about Roslyn’s designs. One of my favorite things are the floating pool loungers.

Everytime I come here, I find something else I hadn’t noticed before. So make sure you take the time to explore, you never know what you might end up finding.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 11, 2008.

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