Nirvana Home And Garden Fantasies

I got a message from Carrie Grant yesterday, inviting me to come and take a look around Nirvana Garden Center. As it turns out, I have been wanting to feature gardens and outdoors anyway. And, I had a few people request that I do something on that topic, so I guess I’m not the only one.

Gardening in Second Life can be a lot of fun, even to people who doesn’t really have much of a green thumb in real life, like myself. Its nice how you can enjoy the freedom of landscaping your home exactly how you want, without having to worry about climate and other limitations. You could change things up as often as you like – maybe have a tropical theme for awhile, and then completely change and go with lots of green, and spring flowers. (My personal favorite.) I stopped by Nirvana once already, as I was searching for landmarks to add to my collection. But it was a fairly brief visit, so now I’m taking the time to explore it much more thoroughly.

The place is actually really big, and its been so enjoyable to wander through the trees and clusters of colorful bushes and flowers. I noticed right away that a lot of the foliage here does follow a fantasy theme, as the name suggests. I can picture a lot of the trees and plants fitting right in to a place like Avilion. Or some other sim where you might find elves, woodsprites and faeries. I love the variety of shades and colors.. and especially some of the more unique looking plants. I really like some of them, just because they’re so different. Like this Curls n’ Spikes grass.

The ambiance of the birdsongs and rippling water from the fountains that fill the air is very peaceful, and the photographer in me just had to stop and snap this picture of a garden beyond a Pergolia covered trellis.

This is a really fun place to wander around while playing with the windlight settings.

In addition to garden plants, Nirvana also sells various cottage style prefabs. And their latest release- the Seventh Heaven Treehouse. The rooms are simple but quaint, and I love the multi-levels and walkways. And the view from above is spectacular, especially if you are in a very scenic sim.

This post is becoming very picture heavy already, and I couldn’t possibly cover everything in one entry. There were a lot of other areas I did not get too yet, and it appears that Carrie is expanding, because I saw some huge sections that were still under construction. One looked like it might be going to have a haunted forest theme, possibly coming up for Halloween. I heard eerie wind through the trees and crackling thunder, and saw some torches and spooky looking weeping willows.

Nirvana does have a group you can join, you’ll find the sign near the landing point. Better yet, Carrie Grant has a blog that you can keep an eye on. That way you can find out about new releases, and see pictures of some of what she’s done.

Nirvana Home and Garden Fantasies Slurl:


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 7, 2008.

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