MB Creationz

Ok, I promised that this blog would be covering some freebies, and now its time for me to share some really great ones I’ve found at MB CreationZ.

Minke Bailey’s talent for building and her eye for design is apparent as soon as you reach the landing point of her store. I think she’s got just a little bit of everything available. In addition to her awesome beach themed furniture, she also has a large variety of shoes and handbags for sale. Oh yeah, and pre-fabs, wall art, plants and garden decor. In short, I love this place. I have quite a few of her designs throughout my home.

Lets get to those freebies first, though. When you arrive at the landing point, turn around to find the lucky chair. The current prize as I write this is a suede sculpty handbag, in ‘forest’. To the left of the lucky chair is a free gift of ‘eye sparkle’, to give your gaze that extra shine.

When you turn back and and continue into the store, you’ll find a display at the top of the steps, on the left. There are two gifts available. The first is a sculpty beach towel set with scripted animation, that also includes an umbrella and plant.

The other gift is a colorful set of meditation pillows.

Thats the great thing about Minke’s designs- its all about the color. Although her furniture and decor follows the tropical theme, she makes use of the vibrant natural colors of tropical flowers to compliment all the wood tones, and it comes out great.

Remember that gorgeous cherry blossom water divider behind me in the meditation pillow photo? Minke sells those, also. Several of them, in fact. Here are just a few.

I think MB CreationZ has a little bit of everything for your home. Here, you will find bedroom sets, living room, outdoor furniture, lamps, rugs, vases, lighting, beach furniture, fountains.. and as I said before, plenty of plants and flowers.

Best of all, most of the furniture you’ll find here is relatively low in prims, and quite affordable.

Slurl to MB CreationZ: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monevole/124/32/24


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 5, 2008.

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