Exquisite Fountains

I have another freebie to share with everyone, that I’m very excited about, myself. When I first got my home with Keeme, I spent the first few days poking around Onrez and SLX to find some cool freebies to get a head start on decorating with. One item I picked up was a ‘Tiled Lily Waterfall’. But when I rezzed it, I was completely floored by how stunning it was! I could not believe this was free. It was so beautiful, it has become the centerpiece of the largest room in our home. I’ve decorated the whole room based off the white lillies in the fountain. The fountain is lighted, so I set to midnight in the picture to show how stunning it looks, even in the dark.

When I decided to post about the lily fountain, I TP’d home to check and see who the creator was. I was really hoping they would have a store someone in world where I could find other items. Turns out, the fountain was designed by Christian Sandell, of Exquisite Fountains. I TP’d over there and I am exploring the fountain store for the first time, as I write this.

Situated in an outdoor courtyard are a variety of very nice fountains of different sizes and styles. On prominent display is the free Tiled Lilly Waterfall. The tiles are frosted glass, so it looks great from either side and could be used as a room divider. And its only 5 prims! At least, according to the display sign. According to the edit box, it only shows 4. I still am blown away that such an amazing work of art is being offered for free.

Another fountain that I particularly liked, caught my eye because I noticed that rather than the typical blue or white water.. this fountain had water in gold. But by the time I had gone over to take a picture, the color had changed to light green. Then Teal. Honeydew, Amber, Cyan, Light Pink. Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it has good reason to be. This menu driven Water Of Life has water in 60 colors! And the fountain base itself comes in 6 different options: Aqua, Copper, Dark Renaissance, Provincial Earth, Vineyard and Gothic.

I also really liked the Juniper Bonsai Fountain, that also doubles as a bench. The decorative accent on the inside of the fountain really looks nice against the cherry wood.

There are a few other fountains to take a look at, so stop by Exquisite Fountains and see for yourself.

Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kania/230/111/90


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 5, 2008.

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