As someone who really loves modern style furniture, Amodica has become one of my favorite places to browse for furniture. The prim count on some of the items is a little bit steep at times, but if you have plenty of prims available to decorate with and you want very high quality, detailed work- you will probably enjoy Amodica. Even the layout and design of the store is appealing, and I always spend a lot of time here just browsing.  When you first arrive at the landing point, you can find a variety of magazine vendors (some of which I’ve never even heard of, but look cool), as well as kiosks for Onrez and SLX.

Everytime I come here, I always stop to admire the patio sets that flank either side of the entrance. There’s something about that semi-transparent fabric of the umbrella and chair backs that always grabs my attention. And I always have a weakness for glass topped tables. The round ring at the center matches the seat cushions and makes a nice touch.

In addition to furniture, Amodica also has a line of clothing. That section can be found by entering the building to the right. But the furniture section can be found on the left. When you first enter, you will see a large desk with a sign behind it that you can touch to join their update group. (They use a “HippoGroup” instead of a usual Second Life group, so you don’t have to give up a group slot. I imagine this is similar to Subscribe-o-matic.) In addition to home furnishings, they also provide custom services such as sim development, landscaping and interior design. You can IM Prad Prathivi for more information. Or better yet, drop him a notecard.

Scattered throughout the store are teleport displays that you can use to find the different sections. (Dining, Outdoor, Bathroom, Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen and Office.) However, I highly recommend just taking the time to explore the whole store. Its huge, and there are so many cool things to see. Lots of nice accents like lamps, rugs and framed art.

Another personal favorite of mine from Amodica is the Chicago lounge set. Again, the chairs and sofas have embedded pose scripts, which I’m becoming quite a fan of. I love that you don’t have to see the poseballs- and I especially love the assortment of pose options. I really like the black shiny satin type texture on the seats, it looks so realistic. I fell in love with the Cubist rug that accompanies the set and ended up buying it because it goes absolutely perfect with my Catero living room set from the Loft. But it also works wonderfully with the Chicago lounge set.

And if you love rugs like I do, be sure to look at the rug section. They all seem to be in the modern art/deco style, which is my personal favorite. And there is a huge variety to pick from!

Prad Prathivi has done some amazing work, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll come out with next.

Slurl to Amodica:


~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 4, 2008.

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