There’s A New Game In Town

The internet giant known as Google has launched a new game/chat room environment, and Linden Labs would probably be wise to pay close attention.

Its called “Lively”. According to the description on the website, it allows you to create not only your own avatar, but to customize your own ‘room’ to chat and hang out with your friends. This sort of user created content is probably one of the biggest drawing points to Second Life. As it stands right now, Lively is no match for SL. It appears to be mostly geared towards kids as the main target audience- the avatars look very cartoonish, and remind me of “Bratz”. But if there is one thing Linden Labs needs, its competition. I think this is a step in the right direction.

While its still in these early stages, Lively has no chance of drawing much traffic away from Second Life. If anything, it would most likely do the opposite. Google is so much more mainstream than SL, I could almost see it driving up the numbers to Second Life, as word of mouth that there is a bigger and better platform available will send more people this way. However, if Google is leading the way with this sort of ‘chatroom/game environment’, I think other companies will follow, and try to do it bigger and better.

If that happens, Linden Labs is going to have to step up its game and make a lot of improvements to the issues that are causing so many residents to WANT to look elsewhere, for something better.

You can download Lively here, or watch the video.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on July 9, 2008.

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